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Σ IF 25.534 (2003-2009)

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- Říčan, O., Novák, J., Zardoya, R., Doadrio, I., Zrzavý, J. Review of the genus level diversity of mesoamerican cichlid fishes with the description of eight new genera.

- Říčan, O., Zardoya, R., Doadrio, I. Biogeographic history of cichlid fishes in Middle America and the Caribbean

- Musilová, Z., Piálek, L., Říčan, O. Biogeography and species diversity of the cichlid genus Bujurquina in western South America.

- Říčan, O. Evolution of coloration in Middle American cichlids.

- Říčan, O. Caribbean biogeography and Rosens model after three decades.

- Říčan, O., Piálek, L. Phylogeny, species diversity and biogeography of Herichthys (Teleostei : Cichlidae) in Mexico.

- Říčan, O., Doubnerová, K., Piálek, L. Phylogeny, species diversity and biogeography of herichthyine cichlids (Teleostei : Cichlidae) in the Usumacinta faunistical province (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize).

- Casciotta, J., Almirón A., Piálek, L., Říčan, O., Gómez S. Description of a new species of Crenicichla (Teleostei : Cichlidae) from Misiones (Argentina).

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- Říčan, O., Soukalová, K., Novák, J. Evolution of nuptial coloration patterns in African Cichlidae.


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- Novák, J., Hanel, L. and Říčan, O. 2006. Formosania: A replacement name for Crossostoma Sauvage, 1878 (Teleostei), a junior homonym of Crossostoma Morris & Lycett, 1851 (Gastropoda). Cybium 30: 92. IF 0.585.


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