Iranian ladybirds Tisk

Ph_ph80Two species classified presently in the subfamily Microweiseinae (in the genera Paracoelopterus Normand, 1936 and Serangium Blackburn, 1889), and nine species classified in the tribe Sticholotidini of the subfamily Coccinellinae (in the genera Coelopterus Mulsant & Rey, 1852 and Pharoscymnus Bedel, 1906) are listed for Iranian fauna. Pharoscymnus smirnovi Dobzhansky, 1927 is removed from the list of the Coccinellidae of Iran. Distribution of species in Iranian provinces is presented. Data concerning their host plants along with their prey species are also included when known. 

Biranvand A., Nedvěd O., Tomaszewska W., Canepari C., Shakarami J., Fekrat L., Khormizi M.Z., 2016: An annotated checklist of Microweiseinae and Sticholotidini of Iran (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae). ZooKeys