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Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biology PDF Tisk Email
Uppsala University hereby declares the following position to be open for 
  Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biology (*UFV-PA 2014/2602)*
 at the Animal Ecology Program, the Department of Ecology and Genetics, 
Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC) with starting date being November 1st, 
2014, or as soon as possible after this date.
 The Evolutionary Biology 
Center hosts one of the world's largest aggregations of evolutionary 
biologists, and is a prime research environment for a wide range of 
fields in evolutionary biology (see "http://www.ebc.uu.se/" for more 
information). The working atmosphere is very international with English 
as our operational language. Uppsala University is the oldest university 
in Scandinavia and the city of Uppsala is a vibrant student town with 
beautiful surroundings conveniently situated 40 minutes with train from 
*Brief research outline: **The research will aim at improving our 
understanding of the evolution of **male accessory reproductive gland 
proteins (acps)**. Male acps act as hormones and have profound effects 
on female physiology and behaviour. These proteins are some of the most 
rapidly evolving proteins known to science and the genes encoding acps 
are candidate "speciation genes" in several groups of insects. In this 
project, seed beetles will serve as a new model system for acps and the 
research will profit both from ongoing proteomic work and from extant 
drafts of the transcriptome and the genome of the main model species. 
The goal is to improve our understanding of the genetic and 
environmental sources of variation in seminal fluid protein production 
and to characterize selection upon the loci encoding these proteins.***
*This post*doctoral position forms a part of an ongoing project on 
genetic conflict, funded by the European Research Council and the 
Swedish Research Council. The entire project currently employs some 5-6 
postdocs and 3 PhD students, apart from a full time TA and the PI, and 
we strongly encourage interactions and collaborations within the group.
*Salary and appointment*: Period of appointment is two years. Uppsala 
University adopts an individual salary policy but the starting salary 
for postdoctoral researchers is typically about 30.000 SEK per month and 
includes full social benefits.
*Eligibility:*The successful candidate must have a Ph.D, or an exam 
which is judged comparable to a PhD, that was completed within three 
years of the application deadline. Applicants that received their PhD 
earlier than this date will be considered if special circumstances exist 
(such as prolonged periods of illness, parental leave, military service, 
union duties and others of similar character).
*Qualifications and merits*: We seek candidates with a documented 
expertise in comparative or experimental proteomics, preferably using 
reproductive proteins. Familiarity and experience with a variety of 
proteomic techniques is required as is a firm background in evolutionary 
biology. Experience of laboratory work with insects will also be 
considered a merit. Because the holder of this position will collaborate 
and interact closely with other members of our interactive group, we 
will put emphasis on both independence and ability to collaborate.
*To apply:*Candidates should submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae 
including a list of publications and a short (1-3 pages) description of 
past research accomplishments and future research ambitions. Applicants 
should also include names and e-mail addresses of two referees and 
should specify the date they will be available to start the position.
*For further information*about the position, please contact the PI of 
the group: Professor G�ran Arnqvist (phone +46 18 471 2645, e-mail 
 Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
 "). The trade union representatives are Anders 
Grundstr�m, Saco (the Swedish Confederation of Professional 
Associations), phone +46 18 471 5380, Carin S�derh�ll, TCO/ST (the 
Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees), phone +46 18 471 1996, 
and Stefan Djurstr�m, Seko (the Union of Service and Communication 
Employees), phone +46 18 471 3315.
*You are welcome*to submit your application on-line no later than *Sept 
30, 2014 (UFV-PA 2014/2602)*. Use either of the links below for 
access to the on-line application portal:
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