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Bochum: PhD position in marine molecular evolutionary biology PDF Tisk Email
PhD position in marine molecular evolutionary biology, Ruhr-University
Bochum & Bavarian State Collection Munich.
 Topic: "Speciation and adaptation in Southern Ocean sea spiders"
 The Department of Animal Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity at Ruhr
University Bochum (working group Dr. Florian Leese) in collaboration with
the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology (working group Prof. Dr. Roland
Melzer) offers 1 PhD position (67% TvL E13) in the field of marine
molecular evolutionary biology.
The candidate will work in the project "Speciation and adaptation
in Antarctic sea spiders" as part of the DFG Priority Programme 1158
("Antarctic Research", www.spp-antarktisforschung.de/). The project
seeks to extend our knowledge of speciation in the Southern Ocean
benthos. In the past years, population genetic studies have shown that
many species have radiated in the Antarctic probably in ice-free refugia
on the Antarctic shelf during the last glacial maxima. In the studies,
speciation is often seen as a result of random genetic drift / lineage
sorting in geographic isolation (allopatric speciation). The importance of
selection in this context has been largely neglected. In the project, we
apply next-generation sequencing techniques to study patterns of genetic
variation in the genomes/transcriptomes of two "cryptic" Antarctic sea
spider flocks (Colossendeis megalonyx and Pallenopsis patagonica) inside
and outside the Antarctic to compare neutral and non-neutral variation in
the species groups. In addition, modern morphological techniques will be
used to screen for adaptive morphological traits in co-existing species
on the shelf.
The candidate will be based primarily in Bochum but will also conduct
analyses at the Bavarian State Collection in Munich as well as in the
labs of international collaboration partners.
Applicants should hold a degree (M.Sc, Diploma) in a relevant field (e.g.,
Biology, Ecology, Biodiversity, Marine Biology, Molecular Genetics). We
expect a solid knowledge of population genetic and molecular evolutionary
concepts. The candidate should have acquired expertise in the preparation
of next-generation sequencing libraries (e.g. transcriptome, genome,
RAD) and respective bioinformatic analyses. Knowledge of sea spiders
(Pycnogonida) as well as of morphological and morphometric analysis
techniques will be of advantage. She/he is fluent in English language,
very motivated and able to work independently in different working groups.
Please contact Dr. Florian Leese (
 Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
 ) for further
Applications should be send as a single pdf file not later than the 26th
of September 2014 to 
 Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
 . They should include a letter
of motivation, a complete curriculum vitae with university certificates
as well as names and contact details of two academic referees. Candidates
will be invited for interviews by the end of September 2014 and interviews
for the position will take place in the second week of October 2014. The
candidate should start on December 1st in Bochum.
Ruhr University Bochum is committed to promoting the careers of women
and therefore actively welcomes applications from female candidates. As
an equal opportunities employer, we also encourage applications from
suitably qualified disabled candidates and other groups.
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