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St Andrews, UK: PhD in theory of social adaptation PDF Tisk Email
School of Biology
University of St Andrews
St Andrews, UK
PhD studentship: Theory of social adaptation

Natural selection explains the appearance of design in the living
world. But at what level is this design expected to manifest - gene,
individual, society - and what is its function? Social evolution provides
a window on this problem, by pitting the interests of genes, individuals
and societies against each other.
I invite applications for a PhD studentship in my research group at
the School of Biology, University of St Andrews, UK. I'm looking for a
biology graduate who has a strong interest in social evolution theory,
or an economics / mathematics / philosophy / physics graduate with a
strong interest in social behaviour.
Current research in my lab involves development of general theory -
using kin selection, multilevel selection, game theory and theoretical
population genetics approaches - and application of mathematical and
simulation models that are tailored to the biology of real organisms,
from microbes to insects to humans (see www.andygardner.org for more
details). To this end, I strongly encourage interactions within the
wider grouping of theoretical and empirical biologists in St Andrews,
as well as with collaborators further afield.
If social evolution really fascinates you, and you are a careful
thinker, then you will flourish in the type of project that I enjoy
supervising. Theoretical projects suit people of either sex, from any
background, regardless of physical abilities.
Please direct informal enquiries to Dr Andy Gardner
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Some examples of my research:
1. �beda F, Ohtsuki H & Gardner A (2014) Ecology drives intragenomic
   conflict over menopause. Ecology Letters 17, 165-174.
2. Gardner A, Alpedrinha J & West SA (2012) Haplodiploidy and the
   evolution of eusociality: split sex ratios. American Naturalist
   179, 240-256.
3. Gardner A & Smiseth PT (2011) Evolution of parental care driven
   by mutual reinforcement of parental food provisioning and
   sibling competition. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London
   B 278, 196-203.
More information here:
Andy Gardner
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