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Lyon, France/Toronto, CA: PhD, genomics in water bugs PDF Tisk Email
A PhD position is available to work on an international project involving
laboratories at the University of Toronto and at the Institute of Functional
Genomics in Lyon, France (see project description below). The successful
candidate will be enrolled into the University of Toronto's PhD program, and
will jointly work in the labs of Locke Rowe, Ashley Bruce, and Abderrahman
Khila. Priority will be given to applications from Canadian Citizens.
However, applications from international candidates are welcome.
To apply:
Send a CV, a cover letter describing skill relevant to this project, and
names and contacts of three referees to: 
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The role of ancient developmental genes in trait diversification. Males of
the genus Rheumatobates are known to have highly modified appendages that
aid in the grasping of resistant females. The transition from the ancestral
to the derived states occurs multiple times and in different ways, leading
to a diversity of morphological outcomes (presence and location of
antagonistic hooks and spines etc). The remarkable diversity in these
antagonistic traits may be driven by two processes: a direct response to
differences in female resistance to mating, and/or spatio-temporal variation
in the expression of developmental genes, where a variety of outcomes are
similarly effective. We have recently uncovered the role of an ancient
developmental gene, dll, in controlling the sexually antagonistic
modification of male grasping antennae in Rheumatobates rylei. To determine
the relative importance of these two alternative processes in generating
sexual diversity, we are combining behavioural studies of antennal function
with studies examining the role of dll in the diversification of these
structures, in Rhematobates spp. that span the range of modified antennae.
For more details see references below.
Khila, A., Abouheif, E., and L. Rowe. 2014. Comparative functional analyses
of Ultrabithorax reveal multiple steps and paths to diversification of legs
in the adaptive radiation of semi-aquatic insects. Evolution. doi:
Khila, A., E. Abouheif and L. Rowe. 2012. Function, developmental genetics,
and fitness consequences of a sexually antagonistic trait. Science 336:
Rowe, L., Westlake, K. & D.C. Currie. 2006. The functional significance of
elaborate secondary sexual traits and their evolution in the water strider
Rheumatobates rileyi. Canadian Entomologist 138:568-577.
Arnqvist, G., and L. Rowe. 2002. Antagonistic coevolution between the sexes
in a group of insects. Nature 415: 787-789.
Westlake, K.P., Rowe, L. and Currie, D.C. 2000. Phylogeny of the water
strider genus Rheumatobates (Heteroptera: Gerridae).  Systematic Entomology
Institute of Functional Genomics
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Université Claude Bernard, Lyon
46 Allée d'Italie
69007 Lyon, France
office: +33 (0)4 26 73 13 36
Cell: +33 (0)6 25 67 15 44
Abderrahman Khila <
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