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Sussex, UK: Postdoc, behav ecol and genomics in bees PDF Tisk Email
Full time, 3 years fixed term
Expected start date: 1 January 2015
Salary range: starting at [UTF-8?]ÂŁ31,342 and rising to [UTF-8?]ÂŁ37,394.  It is normal
to appoint at the first point of the salary scale.
Closing date for applications: 19 November 2014
Interviews will be held during 3-11 December 2014.
A full-time, NERC-funded, 3-year postdoctoral research position is
available in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Sussex. The
position offers an exciting opportunity to join a research team led by
Prof Jeremy Field working on the behavioural and evolutionary ecology
of social systems (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/lifesci/fieldlab/). The main
aim of the project is to use a combination of approaches from behavioural
ecology and quantitative genetics to investigate queen-worker coadaptation
and conflict in primitively eusocial sweat bees (Lasioglossum). The
resolution of reproductive conflicts has been well studied both
theoretically and empirically in eusocial Hymenoptera. However, much less
is known about the coevolutionary process involved, and the underlying
trait architecture. The work will lead to a comprehensive understanding
of queen-worker coevolution, including the first tests of several key
Work will be carried out at Sussex University, also involving
collaboration with Prof Mathias Kölliker (University of Basel,
Switzerland: http://evolution.unibas.ch/koelliker/). The project will
involve a combination of large-scale field experiments in the UK, and
genetic work using microsatellite markers. There will be a technician
working on the project who will carry out much of the molecular work.
The successful applicant will have a Ph.D in behavioural/evolutionary
biology. Experience with animal social systems and quantitative genetics,
and experience of fieldwork, molecular techniques and statistical analysis
using [UTF-8?]‘R’ and similar programs would all be useful, but it is not
necessary to have experience in all of these areas. Possession of a
clean driving licence is essential.
The Evolution, Behaviour and Environment (EBE) Subject Group in the School
of Life Sciences at Sussex (http://www.sussex.ac.uk/lifesci/ebe/research)
is a thriving research environment providing ample opportunities to
interact with leading senior researchers and their groups. The successful
applicant will particularly benefit from an exceptional, on a world
scale, concentration of research expertise that focusses on social
behaviour in insects. Jeremy Field, Francis Ratnieks, Bill Hughes, Dave
Goulson, Tom Collett and Paul Graham all lead well-established research
groups. Our seminar series have a correspondingly strong (though by no
means exclusive) focus on social evolution.
Full details of the post, with information about where to submit an
application, salary and the University of Sussex application form,
are available at: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/aboutus/jobs/876.
Please note that the full application, including CV, covering
letter and completed standard application form should be sent to

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Informal enquiries: Jeremy Field (
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Professor Jeremy Field
School of Life Sciences,
John Maynard Smith Building,
University of Sussex,
Brighton BN1 9QG, UK

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Tel 01273 877135
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