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Klosterneuburg, Austria: PhD in evol biol PDF Tisk Email
The Graduate School at IST Austria invites applicants from all countries
to its PhD program. The program covers a wide range of fields, with
a strong component from evolutionary biology. Current faculty include
Nick Barton (evolutionary theory/hybrid zones), Sylvia Cremer (disease
in social insects), Jon Bollback (experimental evolution/statistical
genomics), and Beatriz Vicoso (sex-chromosome evolution). 

For details, see www.ist.ac.at

The PhD program includes a first year of cross-disciplinary coursework and
rotations, followed by 3-4 years of research. The language of the Graduate
School is English. IST Austria offers internationally competitive PhD
salaries. Applicants must hold either a Bachelor's or Master's degree
or equivalent.
For students wishing to enter the program in the fall of 2015, the
deadline for application is January 15, 2015.
Nick Barton

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