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Seewiesen: Field trainees, breeding bird monitoring PDF Tisk Email
*FIELD**TRAINEES* needed in fulltime for monitoring and catching
breeding passerines at the *Max Planck Institute for Ornithology*,
in the research group 'Evolutionary Ecology of Variation'*.
Website: http://www.orn.mpg.de/159079/Research_Group_Dingemanse Location:
Seewiesen, Bayern, Germany.
*_Job description:_*
The field Trainees will help collect breeding and behavioural data on
Great Tits (/Parus major/) fromapproximately end of Marchtomid/end of
July2015.The research focuses primarily on identifying how natural
and sexual selection act on animal personalities and behavioural
plasticity.Trainees will work closely with aninternational team
consisting of several post-docs, PhD and Master students,as well as
other assistants. Field workis physically demanding, andinvolves walking
over hilly terrain for long daysoutdoors in all weather conditions. The
breeding season is intense and with typically only 1 day off per
week. Duties include behavioural observations, nest monitoring, bird
handling and data entry.
Candidatespreferably study Biology or a related field.Having experience
handling birds (preferably small passerines), including ringing and
measuring, is a plus but not a requirement. Ideal candidates are highly
motivated, well organized, ableto work both independently and as part of
a group. Applicants must have a valid driver's license and be experienced
in operatingvehicles withmanualtransmission.
Non-EU candidates are not eligible for this position (UK and Swiss
citizens are eligible). A small financial compensation and housing
in shared accommodation will be provided.Acceptedtrainees should be
vaccinated against Tick Borne Encephalitis (TBE or FSME) before arriving
in Seewiesen. Applicants should also be aware that Lyme disease (carried
by ticks)is prevalent in the area and should inform themselves about
this disease beforehand.
In an effort to employ more people with disabilities, the
Max-Planck-Society specifically encourages people with disabilities to
apply for the position.
Applications: Review of the applications will begin mid-January
and continue until the positions are filled*.*To apply, please
send (1) a statement of relevant experience, (2) a short resume or
CV,and(3) contact informationof two references to Alexia Mouchet
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