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Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoc, genetic mechanisms of adaptation PDF Tisk Email
The genetic mechanisms of adaptation:
Post-doc position in the Division of Computational Genetics, Department
of Clinical Sciences, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden 
A Post-doc position is available in a project where we study the
genetic mechanisms of adaptation. In the project we do in-depth
analyses of data from mainly two model systems: i) A long-term
selection experiment in domestic chicken and ii) Large collections of
natural Arabidopsis thaliana accessions. 
The focus in the project is to
develop and use new quantitative-, population-, and evolutionary
genetics approaches to analyze already available data. Depending on the
background, competence and interests of the applicant, the project can
be focused either on the development of new genetics theory,
statistical methods, computational algorithms and bioinformatics tools,
analyses of empirical data using methods developed by others working on
the project, or a combination of the two.
Examples of earlier work in this project include:
Opinion articles
1. Carlborg, Ö. and Haley, C. Epistasis: too often neglected in complex
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2. Le Rouzic, A. and Carlborg, Ö. Evolutionary potential of hidden
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3. Nelson, R.M., Pettersson, M.E., Carlborg, Ö. A century after Fisher:
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Original publications
1. Carlborg, Ö., Jacobsson, L., Åhgren, P., Siegel, P., Andersson, L.
   Epistasis and the release of genetic variation during long-term
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2. Alvarez-Castro, J. and Carlborg, Ö. A general model for functional
   and statistical epistasis and its application in QTL analysis.
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4. Le Rouzic, A., Alvarez-Castro, J. and Carlborg, Ö. Dissection of the
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   epistasis on domestication traits. Genetics 2008 179:1591-1599.
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9. Shen, X., De Jonge, J., Forsberg, S., Pettersson, M., Sheng, Z.,
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10. Lachowiec, J., Shen, X., Queitsch, C. and Carlborg, Ö. Highly
    epistatic genetic architecture of root length in Arabidopsis
    thaliana. BIORXIV/2014/008789
To be suitable for the post, we believe that you have a thorough
theoretical background in quantitative-, population- or evolutionary
genetics and an interest in using this knowledge to improve our
understanding of the genetic mechanisms contributing to adaptation via
analyses of empirical data. You have probably also have experience in
performing quantitative-, population- or evolutionary genetics analyses
in empirical data. As we use R as a common platform for all our work,
previous experience in R-programming is an advantage.
The post is available immediately and we are now looking for candidates
are available to start the post by April 1, 2015 at the latest. Forms
for funding or employment Employment as Post-doctoral researcher student
for 1 year with possibility of extension 1+2 years.
If you have questions about the post, us or our work, please contact
Örjan Carlborg (
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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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