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PhD in Evolution and Ecology
Are you currently doing a Masters in natural sciences? Are you interested in
a PhD in Evolution and Ecology? Looking for an exciting topic or a host for
your own ideas? Do you want to work in a highly inspiring environment? Get
to know the diversity of people and projects offered by the Evolution and
Ecology Research School Tübingen! 
Participate in the EVEREST PhD Fair in Tübingen, 06 - 10 May 2015 
 This is your chance to meet others like you, talk face-to-face to potential
supervisors and pave you personalised route to a PhD in the near future! The
EVEREST PhD Fair includes a crash course in essentials in experimental
design and statistics, offering you an opportunity to collect 1 ECTS credit
for your ongoing studies. 
Check us at www.everest.uni-tuebingen.de/PhDfair
Best regards,
Christine Hein <
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