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2 Post doc scholarships in Evolutionary Biology
Placement: Department of Biology, Lund University, Sweden
Ref No: V 2014/2299
Duration: 24 months
Starting time: April 1 2015 or later following agreement
Last day for applying: January 31 2015
Research Area
Evolutionary biology is in a vibrant phase where data from ecology,
molecular and developmental biology are coming together to shape our
understanding of how organisms evolve. These two postdoctoral scholarships
are intended to provide the opportunity to develop an independent research
project in organismal evolutionary biology within a highly creative and
supportive environment. The successful applicants will be invited to
develop their projects in collaboration with the host investigator Dr
Tobias Uller.
We particularly welcome applications from those interested in the
relationship between developmental, ecological, and evolutionary
processes. This includes, but is by no means limited to, experimental
and comparative studies of the evolutionary causes and consequences
of phenotypic plasticity, non-genetic inheritance and developmental
bias, and research projects on populations in novel environments or at
range margins. The focal study organisms of the host research group are
lizards and water fleas (Daphnia), and we will therefore aim to develop a
suitable project on these systems, but alternative study organisms will
be supported if they are better suited to the question and the research
project is logistically feasible. Projects can be lab or field based and
can be experimental, observational or comparative. We can support a range
of methods, from molecular genomics to desk-based approaches, including
comparative and meta-analytical methods and mathematical modelling.
Why apply?
The intention with these scholarships is to enable early career
researchers to develop an interesting, cutting-edge, research project and
give them sufficient time to complete the project and learn a wide range
of skills. We want to work with people who are passionate, intelligent,
and dedicated to advance our understanding of phenotypic evolution
through collaboration and exchange of ideas and expertise.
The successful applicants will be based in Dr Tobias Uller's research
group at the Department of Biology, Lund University. They will join
a growing team of students and postdoctoral researchers with a broad
research agenda and a large international collaborative network as full
members of the Experimental Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour group and
the Evolutionary Ecology Unit. Scholarships and research projects are
funded as part of a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship to Dr Uller.
For further information about the host research group and informal contact
please visit http://www.biology.lu.se/tobias-uller or email Tobias Uller
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Qualifications required
Applicants must have a PhD in a suitable area for conducting postdoctoral
research in evolutionary biology and show evidence of high scientific
potential. Such evidence may include a strong track record of publications
in scientific journals, documentation of successful completion of
research projects, high intellectual capacity and problem-solving ability,
technical know-how, organizational skills, enthusiasm, dedication, and
an ability to work both independently and in a team. Where possible,
statements to these effects in the personal letter should be accompanied
by objective or independent assessment of the candidate's track record
and potential (e.g., via letters of support; see below).
Applicants must have been awarded their PhD no earlier than three
years before the application deadline (this may be adjusted based on,
for example, documentation of parental leave or military service).
Further details on the scholarships and how to apply can be found at
Dr Tobias Uller
Wallenberg Academy Fellow
Department of Biology
Lund University

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