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Junior research scientist: Adaptation of wild fish populations and their management to climate change : France

Every year, INRA seeks researchers from all disciplines to reinforce laboratory and fieldwork teams. Researchers will be heavily involved in scientific networks and tackle environmental, economic and social issues.

They are expected to strive for excellence and come up with useful, concrete applications for the real world. Individual research projects will go hand in hand with group efforts in a bid to further knowledge and innovation, in order to produce sustainably, preserve the environment, and improve human nutrition. INRA is recruiting researchers by open competition until 02/03/2015 and offering permanent position.


he research will explore the potential of innovative approaches for the adaptation to climate change of the management of wild fish populations. The aim is to identify approaches that would promote their adaptation through evolution. These approaches could combine selective exploitation and spatial management strategies of population diversity and the connectivity of their habitats. The work will feed a dialogue between two components: (i) one will be integrative by means of in silico simulation experiments, (ii) the other will investigate evolutionary demography in the wild. Skills or the potential to quickly develop skills in the following areas would be appreciated: evolutionary ecology, population dynamics and management, advanced statistical modelling, quantitative genetics, individual-based modelling.

Additional Job Details

Website: http://jobs.inra.fr/eng/offers/emploi_perm/open-competitions/cr2/?campagne=23129&intitule=open+competitions&concours=24348

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