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Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoc in molecular evolution PDF Tisk Email
Investigating insertion and deletion in genomic inference --- A
post-doctoral fellowship in molecular evolution is available working
with Simon Whelan at Uppsala University, Sweden. The postdoc will join
a project working on the development and application of phylogenetic
methods for studying insertion and deletion both within protein families
and on the genome scale.
The project has two broad aims. The first is to apply probabilistic
methods we�ve been developing for studying insertion and deletion rates
from aligned or unaligned sets of sequences. We will use these estimated
rates to study how patterns of insertion and deletion vary through the
genome, both in genes and intergenic DNA, and how evolutionary forces
affect these fundamental processes. The second aim of the project is
to use this acquired knowledge of insertion and deletion to filter
or rearrange multiple sequence alignments to better reflect the true
homologous relationships between bases or residues. These approaches
will be assessed through their ability to correctly estimate sequence
divergence, natural selection and phylogeny using both empirical and
simulation data sets. There is also the possibility for the fellow to
develop their own research interests, providing they fit within the
broad scope of the project outlined above.
The fellowship will be located at the Evolutionary Biology department
at the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala
is a leading centre for evolution and ecology research, with a large
number of research groups in the subject area. The Evolutionary Biology
department (http://www.ebc.uu.se/Research/IEG/evbiol/?languageId=1) is a
diverse and multi-cultural department, with interests both computational-
and laboratory-based research groups working on evolutionary genomics,
speciation, population genetics and phylogenetics. The fellowship will
be supported by the Carl Tryggers Stiftelse (CTS) and will be initially
for one year, with the possibility of extending for an additional
year. Details of this fellowship are available (in Swedish; Google
Translate works reasonable well) at http://www.carltryggersstiftelse.se/
and CTS make the final appointment of the fellow based on the conditions
outlined there. The fellowship would be expected to start as soon as
possible after the beginning of April'15. If you have any questions
regarding the research project or anything else about the fellowship
please contact me.
Please send your application to 
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  in a single pdf
file containing the following information:
* Cover letter;
* CV, including publication record;
* A brief statement (max. 2 page) outlining your research interests,
  experience, and ambitions; and
* Contact information (name/address/phone/e-mail) for 2-3 referees.
The recruitment will be ongoing until a suitable candidate is found,
with the first round of decisions being made around March 1st.
  Simon Whelan
Simon Whelan | Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University
T: +46-(0)18-4716483
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