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Haifa, Israel: Postdoc and PhD, comput. genomics and phylogenetics PDF Tisk Email
A Postdoctoral and Ph.D. positions in Computational Genomics and
Phylogenetics  are available at the Institute of Evolution at the
University of Haifa. The  research projects will be done in
collaboration with the Phylogenetics and Computational Genomics lab of
Prof. Sagi Snir.
The positions are targeted to two projects:

1. Tree reconstruction in light of conflicting signals. Real life data
provide high degree of incongruent data that needs to be reconciled into a
single tree. This is normally done by means of supertree methods. We have
developed several approaches to this that rely on non trivial algorithmic
and computational/mathematical tools. We decompose the inputs into the most
basic informational unit and summarise them across all the data.
This data aggregation provides us with information that is invisible at the
 single tree level or at the level of the entire data collection.
Using this novel techniques we are able to distinguish between e.g. toxic
and non-toxic genes.
 We investigate both theoretical and practical questions associated with
these approaches.
2. Detection and analysis of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) in
prokaryotes. HGT is a major factor in prokaryotic evolution and plays
a significant role in developing antibiotic resistance. Current methods
rely on a very strong and clear HGT signal that is frequently absent, e.g.
HGT between strains of a species.
We have developed several novel methods to detect HGT where existing methods
fail. The methods use evolutionary signals, unique to HGT, that are
detected by rigorous statistical approaches.
 The successful candidates must have familiarity with
computational/mathematical biology. Essential requirements include
proficiency in computer-programming skills, such as C/C++/Java and
scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Phyton), demonstrated ability in
applying the devised algorithms. Duties of the role will include
algorithm development, implementation and testing by simulation and
application on real biological data.
 The Institute of Evolution is world leading in broad aspects of
evolution, both theoretical and practical. The team of Prof. Snir
is characterized by works with both algorithmic and evolutionary
appeal with ample collaboration with other leading labs around the
 Applicants should send a CV, a statement of research interests and
the names and contact information for 3 references. Review of the
applications will start immediately until positions are filled. The
initial contract is for the postdoc is one year with possibility of
extension. For Ph.D. students, the contract is for three years with
possible additional year extension.
 Please send applications by email to:
Prof.  Sagi Snir,
 Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and The
Institute of Evolution,
 University of Haifa
 Mount Carmel, Haifa 31905 ISRAEL
 Tel: (972) 4 828-8774
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