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*Postdoctoral bioinformatician in Evolutionary genomics, UNamur, BE*
A 3-year postdoctoral bioinformatician position is available to work on 
the genome evolution of bdelloid rotifers within the group of Prof. 
Karine Van Doninck (Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology) at 
the University of Namur (Belgium). The postdoctoral researcher will work 
on two projects, funded by ARC and FNRS-MIS, with as main objective to 
investigate theorigin and causesof the genomic peculiarities found in 
the bdelloid rotifer /A. vaga/.
Using next-generation sequencing (NGS) we previously characterized the 
degenerate tetraploidgenome structure of the bdelloid rotifer /Adineta 
vaga/ with massive genomic rearrangements involvingmost of the longest 
scaffolds. As a consequence, no homologous pair of chromosomes could be 
identified within this genome providing the first genomic hallmark of 
ameiotic evolution within this bdelloid rotifer clade. Another 
peculiarity observed in the genome of /A. vaga /is the high percentage 
of genes (8%) of non-metazoan origin and probably//acquired through 
horizontal gene transfer (HGT) (see Flot et al_Nature_2013). These 
features could be//conferred by their long-term ameiotic 
evolution.//Nonetheless, the unusual//lifestyle of many bdelloid 
rotifers, involving repeated cycles of desiccation//and the associated 
DNA DSBs (see Hespeels et al_JEB_2014), may also contribute to genome 
structure//evolution.//In order to determine the origin and causes of 
these genomic//peculiarities we are starting a comparative analysis 
of//genomes of different bdelloid species that diverged a long time 
ago,//including lineages that have lost the ability to withstand 
desiccation, and of an /A. vaga/ clone submitted to several rounds of 
desiccation. The postdoc will conduct bioinformatic analyses of genomic 
(and transcriptomic) data generated by the team. The current team of 
researchers working on bdelloid rotifers within the 2 projects include 3 
Principal Investigators (Prof. K. Van Doninck and Dr. F. Chainiaux from 
UNamur and Prof. B. Hallet from UCL), 2 postdoctoral researchers, 3 PhD 
students, 2 Master students and 2 technicians.//
Prof. Karine Van Doninck, 
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University of Namur, Laboartory of Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology
Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant area. Priority will be given 
to candidates with a proven track record (with several publications as a 
first author) who will express their motivation to the project.
The position is for 3 years starting latest on the *1^st of July 2015. 
*The closing date for applications is *5^th of May, 2015. *Interested 
applicants should send a cover letter (briefly describing research 
experience, interests, and career goal), curriculum vitae (with list of 
publications), and the names of three references (including address, 
phone number and Email) to Karine VAN DONINCK 
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Full Professor
Department of Biology
T. +32 (0)81 724 407
F. +32 (0)81 724 362

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Université de Namur ASBL
Rue de Bruxelles 61 - 5000 Namur
Let’s respect the environment together.
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Karine Van Doninck <
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