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The position forms part of a group of 15 PhD students now being recruited
to the EU-funded Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network
BIG4. The core of BIG4 is interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research on the
diversity and evolution of the four largest insect orders:

Diptera, Coleoptera, and Lepidoptera ('Biosystematics, Informatics
and Genomics of the 4 big insect groups'). The program offers unique
opportunities in terms of preparing students for an academic or a business
career. The training will include secondment to other European labs in the
network, and to small companies in the biotechnology and IT sector. The
program also includes network-wide training events, and seeks to build
student skills in creativity and innovation.

The position is one of three PhD student positions that will be formally
associated with the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University, which
will award the PhD degrees. The position will be hosted by Savantic AB
(http://savanticab.com), a consultant company specializing in bridging
the gap between the research and business worlds. All consultants have
a doctoral degree in physics. Specialty areas include image analysis,
medical technology and environmental technology. The academic training
will be provided by the Ronquist lab at the Swedish Museum of Natural
History, which is one of the world leaders in the development of software
for computational phylogenomics using Bayesian statistical methods. The
lab also has a strong research tradition in insect systematics and
evolutionary biology.

The successful candidate for this position will focus on the use
of citizen science in accelerating research and discovery in insect
systematics. For a suitable group of poorly known insects, we will develop
visual identification aids based on advanced image analysis. The aim
is to generate interest among citizen scientists in contributing to the
systematic research on the chosen group, using a commercially viable app.

We are looking for candidates with a broad background, preferably
including studies or training in entomology, genomics, bioinformatics,
and programming. We expect that you will be creative and independent
while being a good team player. Fluency in spoken and written English is
essential. We will pay particular attention to scientific and creative
talent and potential.

To be eligible for the position, you need to fill the formal requirements
to start a PhD program in biology, broadly construed, and have less
than 4 years of research experience counted as time of employment in
research since receiving the degree for enrollment in a PhD. You cannot
have resided or carried out your main activity (work or study) in Sweden
for more than 12 months in the 3-year period immediately prior to the
recruitment under the project.

Starting date is August 15, 2015. The position is for four years.

The Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM) is one of the leading
institutions of its kind in Europe. It combines a venerable tradition and
unique collections with cutting-edge research in geology, paleontology
and biology. The museum is close to Stockholm University, the Royal
School of Engineering (KTH) and the Karolinska Institute. The Stockholm
Phylogenomics Group (http://phylogenomics.se) engages research groups
from all of these institutions. The Department of Bioinformatics and
Genetics at NRM is focused on research in computational phylogenetics,
population genetics and genomics. We run a DNA sequencing facility and
host several national and international infrastructures.

The application should consist of a personal letter, a statement
describing research interests and career goals (max 3 pages),
a CV, and a transcript of your MSc diploma or equivalent. The
application should be sent to Karin Carlsson at Savantic AB
( Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript ). Applications should
be received no later than May 29, 2015.

Fredrik Ronquist
Professor, Dept. Bioinformatics and Genetics
Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm

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Karin Carlsson
Savantic AB

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