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'The evolutionary ecology of cognition across a heterogeneous landscape'
(EVOECOCOG: ERC funded project)

Why do individuals vary in their cognitive abilities? EVOECOCOG takes the
disciplines of cognition and evolutionary biology into a natural setting
to answer this question. It aims to do this by investigating a variety of
proximate causes and population-level consequences
of individual cognitive variation using a great tit Parus major

The project represents one of the first large-scale
integrative studies of cognitive performance on any wild population.

Three objectives capture the project's broad scope: 1) To characterise
proximate causes of variation in cognitive and other associated
traits, including personality, all of which can influence similar
ecologically important behaviour. Quantitative genetic, social,
parasite-mediated, and physiological causes will be explored. 2) To
examine links between these traits, key functional behaviours and
trade-offs, e.g., space use, niche specialization, predation, parental
care and promiscuity; and 3) To examine the consequences of this variation
for life histories, fitness, natural and sexual selection.

Dates: Application deadline is 1 June 2015. Interviews will be held
initially by Skype within 2 weeks. Start dates are mid-July or as soon
thereafter as possible.

For further information, please contact Prof. John L. Quinn at
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University College Cork is one of Ireland's largest and most successful
universities. The research would be conducted in the School of BEES
which consists of 20 faculty (including 3 holders of current ERC grants),
ca. 20 postdocs and 50 PhD students across Zoology, Ecology, Plant
Sciences and Geology. Cork is situated on the south coast of Ireland, 2.5
hours from Dublin,is served by an international airport, has a population
of about 200,000, and is on the doorstep of some of the most beautiful
coastline in Europe.

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