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Konstanz: Postdocs in molecular evol, comparative genomics and evo-devo PDF Tisk Email

Postdoc positions (2-years or 5-years) available in molecular evolution,
comparative genomics and evo-devo at the University of Konstanz in Germany

The Zukunftskolleg at the University of Konstanz provides generous funding
for two types of Postdoctoral fellowships. The funding for 2-year or
5-year fellowships is meant to support postdocs on their way towards
academic independence.

These fellowships also offer the opportunity to
apply for significant internal funding for research expenses.

Zukunftskolleg Fellows need an academic sponsor and host
laboratory. Zukunftskolleg Fellows should therefore propose research
projects that fit with a particular host laboratory at the University
of Konstanz and should be of collaborative and interdisciplinary nature.

 Please visit
 for more information.

 DEADLINE: May 18th 2015

Axel Meyer's lab at the Department of Biology at the University
of Konstanz welcomes applications from motivated Ph.D. biologists
or postdocs who are interested in the fields of either molecular
evolution, comparative genomics, and / or the evolution of developmental
mechanisms. More specific information on our ongoing research projects
can be found on the Meyer-Lab's www pages.


The University of Konstanz is among the most highly ranked institutions
in Germany and provide a lively and academically outstanding research
environment. Konstanz is a lovely historic town located on Lake Constance
on the southern German border to Switzerland.

Additional information can be obtained from:  axel.meyer@uni- konstanz.de
, phone: +49 (0) 7531 / 88 - 4163, fax + 49 (0) 7531 / 88 - 3018 or from
our website: http://www.evolutionsbiologie.uni-konstanz.de.

Applications should be received by the Zukunftskolleg before May18th, 2015.

Prof. Axel Meyer, Ph.D.
Lehrstuhl für Zoologie und Evolutionsbiologie
Department of Biology
Building M, Room M806
University of Konstanz
78457 Konstanz

fon + 49 (0)7531 88 4163
fax + 49 (0)7531 88 3018

secretary:  Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
    tel. + 49 (0)7531 88 3069


Axel Meyer < Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript >

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