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Lausanne, Switzerland: PhD in life-history and theoretical social evolution. PDF Tisk Email
PhD: Lausanne. Life-history. Theoretical social evolution.
A 5-year Phd position is available in Human
Evolution/Cooperation/Life-history/Economics at Department of Ecology
and Evolution of the University of Lausanne.
Human life history compared to other primate is marked by an exceptional
long lifespan and capacity for individual and social learning. This raises
a number of questions pertaining to the co-evolution of life-history,
cognition, and cultural transmission. How should individual=A2s trade
off allocation of resources to learning, growth, and reproduction? What
is the role of ecological and social pressure for investment into
increased cognition? How does adaptive cultural knowledge accumulate over
lifespan? Do intergenerational transfer and longevity affect this and how?
The aim of the Phd is to study such questions from a theoretical point
of view. Applicants should have a master degree in a relevant area
(e.g. evolutionary biology, population genetics, economics, game theory,
physics, or mathematics), with strong mathematical and computing skills,
and a vivid interest in fundamental research.
Inquiries and applications should be sent to Prof. Laurent Lehmann:

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  by August 1st, and should include a CV, a
one-page statement of research interests, and names of 2-3 referees. Only
applications with all these information will be considered. For further
information please contact 
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The Department of Ecology and Evolution is a well-funded and vibrant
international research institution, with excellent facilities:
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