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Aarhus, Denmark: Postdoc in evolution and mechanisms of genetic recombination PDF Tisk Email
A post doc position is available to work in the research group of
Kasper Munch at the Bioinformatics Research Centre at Aarhus University
on the evolution and genomic control of recombination rate. The
position is funded by the Danish National Research Council for
Independent Research.
We recently published a method that infers recombination maps in
ancestral species. This new line of research offers great promise for a
detailed understanding of how recombination is controlled by the genome
and how the mechanisms of this control evolve. By comparing
recombination maps for all living and ancestral species in the great
ape species tree, the candidate will work in close collaboration with
me on research questions such as:
  *  What is the role of positive selection in the evolution of
    recombination landscapes across the species tree?
  *  Which changes in genomic sequence features trigger change in fine
    and broad-scale recombination rate along branches of the species
  * What is the isolated effect of chromosomal rearrangements on
    recombination rate in the affected region?
A PhD degree and strong expertise in statistical analysis and
population genetics is essential. Analyses will require programming
skills and familiarity with high performance computing.
The position is initially for 1 year with extension for 1 additional
year on mutual agreement. The starting salary depends on qualifications
but is typically in the range of EUR 59,000-65,000 per annum, and
taxation is often strongly reduced for applicants, which have not lived
and worked in Denmark for the past 3 years.
The working environment is the Bioinformatics Research Center
(www.birc.au.dk), which has a strong emphasis on evolutionary analyses
and includes the research groups of Drs Mikkel. Heide Schierup, Thomas
Mailund, Thomas Bataillon and Asger Hobolth with whom there are
extensive collaborations.
Informal inquiries are encouraged and should be sent to Kasper Munch at

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 . The application with CV, list of publications
and names of three referees should also be sent to

 Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
  before Aug 15. Starting date is negotiable, but
the position is available immediately.
Kasper Munch, Bioinformatics Research Center, Aarhus University,
CF Mollers Alle Building 1110, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Office phone: +45 8715 5626
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