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Basel, Switzerland: PhD position in ecology and evolutionary biology - cichlids PDF Tisk Email
A three-year PhD position in evolutionary biology and ecology is available
in the group of Prof. Walter Salzburger at the Zoological Institute of
the University of Basel, Switzerland, to study the exceptionally diverse
adaptive radiation of cichlid fishes in Lake Tanganyika, East Africa,
in the framework of an ongoing project funded by the European Research
Council (ERC).
We are looking for a highly motivated and socially skilled student with
a strong interest in organismal biology in general and the ecology of
fishes in particular. A masters degree in biology is required, experience
in ichthyology, fish ecology, bio-informatics and field-work (diving)
are a plus. The position will be based at the Zoological Institute in
Basel, but will include field-work at Lake Tanganyika.
The research of the Salzburger Lab (www.salzburgerlab.org) focuses
on the question how variation in the DNA translates into organismal
diversity and on the identification of the patterns and mechanisms that
underlie adaptation, evolutionary innovation, and animal diversification,
using the cichlid fishes of Lake Tanganyika as main model system. The
working language in the lab is English. Ongoing research involves the
integrative study of adaptive radiations (e.g. Muschick et al. 2012,
Current Biology; Theis et al. 2014, Molecular Ecology), the dissection of
the molecular basis of evolutionary innovations (e.g. Santos et al. 2014,
Nature Communications), and the evolution of gene families at the genomic
level (Cortesi et al. 2015, PNAS). For relevant review papers, see:
Santos and Salzburger (2012) Science; Salzburger et al. (2014) Annual
Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics; Berner & Salzburger (2015)
Trends in Genetics.
The University of Basel (www.unibas.ch) is Switzerland's oldest university
with a strong focus on life sciences and culture. Situated at the border
to France and Germany, Basel is a very international city and a center
of life science research in Europe.
To apply, please send a single .pdf file including a
CV, a motivation letter and the names of two referees to:

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 . Applications will be evaluated until October
15th, 2015. Please note that we have advertised a second PhD position
in comparative transcriptomics of Tanganyikan cichlid fishes.
For further information, see:
With best wishes,
Prof. Dr. Walter Salzburger
Zoologisches Institut, Universität Basel
Vesalgasse 1, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
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 Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
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