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Discussion supported by pizza, from 12:00 to 13:00, Wednesday,

Kokomo seminary room (bývalá akademická knihovna).

 14.6. Phil Butterill: EcoVault: a data management system for ecologists

everybody welcome; https://www.facebook.com/groups/883740448389631/

The talk can be about whatever scientific topic, either about your work, or some phenomena by others, or grant proposal ideas, journal club etc. (10 min. - 30 max min in English + discussions/questions). All Students are encouraged to present, including Lukas department. It is very free: we do not want to turn this to a session for senior people or invited big researchers, but really is for all topics. So do not be afraid, audience is nice. It is a good practise before going present in English to a conference...:) 

Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia and Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology, Institute of Entomology, Biology Center, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic.

1.2. - Ondřej Mottl (phd student)

19.10.2016 Dr. Michael Balke (Bavarian State Collection of Zoology in Munich) "Genesis of species diversity in Melanesia - the roles of changing landscapes, habitat and competition"

9.11. 12:15: Petr Klimeš: How specific are tree-dwelling ants to their host trees? A picture from lowland forest plots in New Guinea.

16/11/16: Katka Sam: Does olfactory orientation in birds really exist? Latest news from the front lines.

23/11/16: Jean Paul Michaud: Parental effects in Coccinellidae

30/11/16: Niklas Wahlberg: Lepidoptera phylogenetics

7. Dec 2016: Daniel Souto: Pollinators like both sisters! Wasp choice may depend on presence of closely related fig species

14. Dec 2016: 

11.1.2017 Pavel Duda: Human population history and evolution of culture: A phylogenetic approach

25.1  - Richard Hazell: Beta diversity of avian community in lowland rainforest in Papua New Guinea.


22.2.12:00 Martin Volf: And now for something completely different: Conservation biology of Carabus nitens.

1.3.2017 Martin Libra: Mortality of caterpillars in different altitudes

8.3. Chris Dahl: Cross-continental comparison of fruit-seed predation syndromes in rainforests of Panama, Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

15.3. Matthias Weiss: A comparison of the stratification of saproxylic beetle communities between tropical and temperate forests

22.3. Eliška Padyšáková: The nectar spur is not only a simple specialization to long-proboscid pollinators

29.3. Vojtěch Novotný: Cultural diversity in tropical tribal societies: the present and future of languages and ethnobiological knowledge in New Guinea.

5.4.Alexandra Průchová: Acoustic analysis as non-invasive method for monitoring of bird populations

12.4. Daniel Souto: Wasp behaviour and morphology as isolating mechanism.

19.4. Katka and Legi Sam: Our field work in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi: project introduction and field photos

"In February/March this year, we visited South Africa where we joined project focused on defensive (various types) strategies of plants. We would like to introduce you to the project and study system we started to work with.   Katka & Legi"

3.5. Robert Tropek: Pollination networks along an altudinal gradient of Mt. Cameroon: project introduction

10.5. odpadá;

17.5.       Elina Mäntylä: The attraction of insectivorous birds to herbivore-damaged trees

24.5. Mélanie Thierry: Impact of temperature on host-parasitoid food webs - Australian Drosophila and their parasitoids as a model system

31.5. Maurice Leponce (RBINS, Belgium)Ant mosaics in primary rainforests across four continents

7.6.  Dan Warren: Learning to love terrible species distribution models

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