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Úvodní stránka Aktuality Volná místa Edinburgh, UK: Postdoc in host-pathogen evolutionary ecology
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Post Doctoral Research Associate in host-pathogen evolutionary ecology
Vacancy Ref: :    031106
Closing Date :    22-Sep-2014
The Vale Lab at the University of Edinburgh is looking to recruit a 
Post-doctoral Research Associate (PDRA).
 The Vale lab is closely 
affiliated with the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution 
(http://ciie.bio.ed.ac.uk/) and works on the evolutionary ecology of 
infectious disease, focusing on the fruit fly Drosophila as model host 
of viral infection. The postdoctoral position will be funded by a 
Society in Science [UTF-8?]– Branco Weiss grant to investigate how individual 
variation in resistance and tolerance may influence disease spread and 
pathogen evolution.
The specific focus of the project is flexible according to the interests 
of the successful candidate, but should ideally address the genetic 
basis of variation in host tolerance to viral infection, or the 
consequences of this variation for disease transmission and viral 
This project will take advantage of the vast resources offered by 
Drosophila as a model system for the evolutionary ecology and genetics 
of host-pathogen interactions. Specifically, key infection phenotypes 
pertaining to resistance and tolerance will be measured on lines derived 
from the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel (DGRP). The fully sequenced 
genomes of these lines allow high resolution mapping of phenotypes to 
genome-wide SNP data. The emphasis in the lab is to achieve a 
multifaceted view of host health, complimenting traditional measures 
such as host survival with more subtle but equally important measures of 
host morbidity such as fecundity, activity and sleep cycles, feeding 
rate, or foraging and courtship behaviours. Depending on the [UTF-8?]candidate’s 
interests and skills, there is therefore scope to focus on host 
life-history, physiological health, or sickness behaviours under 
infection. We therefore welcome applications from candidates with a wide 
range of interests.
We are looking for someone who is self-driven and looking to work 
independently within a small but dynamic group. Candidates should have 
or should shortly obtain a PhD with a strong background in host-pathogen 
interactions, evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, or similar 
field, with the demonstrated ability to publish in peer-reviewed 
journals. The ideal candidate should have previous experience in 
designing and executing large experiments with Drosophila, or other 
invertebrates. Experience with molecular techniques (RNA extraction, 
PCR, qPCR, cell culture) would be particularly advantageous, as these 
skills are central to the project.
The position is initially available for 24 months, with the possibility 
of extension. The starting date is flexible, but early (Jan/Feb) 2015 is 
Informal inquiries can be made directly to Dr. Pedro Vale 
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 ), but full applications must be made by following 
the link to the University of Edinburgh's recruitment website (or 
searching the for vacancy Ref 031106):
The online system allows you to submit a CV and other attachments.
For further information about our research, please see:
We look forward to receiving your application.
Pedro F. Vale
Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution
School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh
Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings
West Mains Road
EH9 3JT Edinburgh
Scotland, United Kingdom

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