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Several research subjects on amphibians are regularly proposed at the Behavioural Biology Unit at the University of Liège, Belgium.These subjects can include both field and laboratory work in Belgium and abroad. They can be adapted in function of a motivated letter from prospective students. The main research topic is the behavioural and evolutionary ecology of amphibians: courtship, predatory, and anti-predatory behavioral patterns, response to environmental factors, feeding habits, space use, demography and population dynamics, landscape ecology and conservation.

Prospective students and researchers are advised to contact Mathieu Denoël (home page) to find out about the possibility of doing research in the lab and to start preparing the research plan. Applications must contain a detailed curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation and details on the planned research project. Prospective post-docs need to have experience in the field and ranked publications.

NOW OPEN: POST-DOC CALL (first deadline 10 january 2015)

The Behavioural Biology Unit and the Conservation Genetics Unit of the University of Liege are launching an inter-disciplinary program in evolutionary ecology and phylogeography of amphibians. In this context, we are looking for a post-doc for a period of two years. The study system is a polyphenism, facultative paedomorphosis, in a biogeographical context. Post-doc fellows should have a previous experience in evolutionary ecology and genetics (e.g. mt DNA, microsatelites and/or SNPs) and have published their results in international journals. Although not a requirement, the preferred candidate will have experience in amphibian research.Applications are to be sent by email as a single pdf including a letter of motivation and a detailed CV before the 10th January 2015 to Mathieu Denoël:  Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript . The heading of the e-mail will start with "Post-doc In - Phylogeography". Detailed information are available on request once the application is received. Our laboratories will then support the application of the candidate and help preparing the research project for the ongoing call "Post-Doc In" of the University of Liege (deadline mid-February 2015) as part of the BeIPD-COFUND programme. If successful, the post-doc would start in automn 2015. The fellows will be offered a salary, a research-travel-mobility allowance and attractive courses that enable them to develop their capabilities and independence as research leaders.

An additional post-doc call in physiology and evolutionary ecology may be open soon.More informations on the Behavioural Biology Unit can be found at http://www.etho.ulg.ac.be/denoel/team.html and on the elligibility of post-doc fellows at http://www.ulg.ac.be/cms/c_3041348/en/call-forms

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