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Closing date 1 October 2015.
Project description
A fully funded 2-year post-doctoral position is available at the Zoology
Department (Ethology) at Stockholm University. The candidate can chose
to work within either or both of two potential projects. For the first
project, developed in collaboration with Dr Björn Rogell at Stockholm
University, we are looking for a person with demonstrated experience in
experiments using fish as model system.
 This project involves work on the
effects of  lifestyle on life history and behaviour using killifish as
a model system. Killifish are an excellent model system because of their
strong contrasts in lifestyle: some species live in temporary water bodies
which completely dry out and only the eggs survive by going into diapause
(annual species), whereas other species live in permanent water bodies
and do not present diapause. The different species thus present marked
differences in longevity and other life history traits. We currently
have stocks of several annual and non-annual killifish species in the
lab allowing the postdoctoral researcher to develop diverse experiments
analyzing the influence of lifestyle on life history and behaviour. There
is ample freedom to develop projects which match the chosen candidate's
 The second project involves macro-evolutionary analyses of morphology and
 behaviour in relation to diversification patterns in the most important
 Caribbean amphibian radiation, the family Eleutherodactylus. For
 this project the candidate must demonstrate experience in the use of
 modern phylogenetic comparative methods. Potential projects can involve
 rate of phenotypic evolution, analyses of diversification, community
 phylogenetics, song evolution, etc.
 The position will most likely involve research stays at the Universidad
 Nacional Autónoma de México, particularly for candidates working on
 the second project.
 The Department of Zoology was founded in 1880, it is divided into five
 sub-departments: ecology, ethology, functional morphology, population
 genetics and systematics and evolution and there is much integration and
 collaboration among sub-departments. Current research in the Department
 of Zoology is focused on animal evolution, ecology and behaviour, with a
 broad spectrum from nervous system to ecosystem involving model organisms
 from fruit flies and butterflies to fishes, birds and large mammals. The
 Department offers an international and stimulating work environment.
 Applicants must provide a written report about previous scientific
 activity and experience and how they comply with the requirements of
 the project applicants are interested in.
 Eligibility and selection criteria
 The applicant must have a doctoral degree from an accredited
 college/university in Biology or a similar field of studies. For the
 postdoctoral position, the PhD degree should have been received no more
 than three years before the deadline for applications. Among qualified
 applicants selection is made according to scientific merits, quality
 of the PhD thesis, the applicant´s documented knowledge in subjects of
 relevance for the research area, ability to master English language (both
 spoken and written), analytical ability, initiative, independence and
 ability to cooperate. In filling the position, particular weight will be
 given to research proficiency, experience with an experimental approach
 to tackle evolutionary questions and experience keeping fish stocks in a
 laboratory environment. The working language in Stockholm University is
 English, and even everyday life in Stockholm is very simple with English.
Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination
and with equal opportunities for all.
 Employment conditions.
The position is for two years, full time. The starting date is negoatiable
but preference will be given for candidates who can begin work in 2015.
Applications must include a CV, list of publications and a cover letter
describing research interests, qualifications and reasons for the
application. The letter should also contain possible starting dates and
contact information of three references.
Please follow the instructions available here :
 For more information please contact Alejandro Gonzalez Voyer:
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Dr Alejandro Gonzalez Voyer
Department of Zoology (Ethology)
Svante Arrhenius väg 18B
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm 
Tel: + 46 8 16 40 86
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