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Úvodní stránka Aktuality Volná místa Turku, Finland: Postdoc in molecular mechanisms of rapid thermal adaptation in a grayling
Turku, Finland: Postdoc in molecular mechanisms of rapid thermal adaptation in a grayling PDF Tisk Email
Post-doc position: The molecular mechanisms of rapid thermal adaptation 
in a grayling metapopulation (2016-2019)
A 3.5 year post-doctoral position, including a 25% teaching component, 
is available at the University of Turku, Finland to work in Prof. Craig 
Primmer's research group (http://users.utu.fi/primmer).
 The research 
component of the position is a part of a recently funded project that 
will build on earlier research (see below) aimed at understanding the 
processes by which by European grayling have adapted to different 
thermal conditions in 20-25 generations.
The post-doc will be responsible for conducting and co-supervising 
research applying genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and epigenetic 
approaches to identify the genes and molecular pathways involved in 
rapid thermal adaptation. Teaching will involve giving lectures and 
computer classes on topics related to the position.
Suitable candidates will have a strong background in evolutionary 
genetics/genomics and/or bioinformatics (in any species). Experience 
with proteomic and epigenetic methodologies and/or data analysis and R 
coding skills is also an advantage, as is undergraduate teaching experience.
Informal inquiries should be directed to Prof. Craig
Primmer (
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 ). Formal applications should
include a CV (with names and contact details of at least
two referees), a publication list, an academic portfolio
and a max. 2 page letter of motivation and can be submitted via
The deadline for applications is Wed. September 30, with the preferred
starting date being January 2016. The position is available until August
31 2019. The starting salary is 3140 - 3500 EUR per month, depending on
the previous relevant research and teaching experience of the candidate.
Turku, Finland's 5th largest city (183 000 people), is located in 
southwestern Finland. It has a rich academic and cultural history and is 
the gateway to a beautiful archipelago. The University of Turku is one 
of the major multidisciplinary universities in Finland and is ranked in 
the top 1.6% of universities in the world.
Previous related research
Barson NJ, Haugen TO, Vøllestad LA & Primmer CR (2009) Contemporary 
isolation-by-distance, but not isolation-by-time, among demes of 
European grayling (Thymallus Thymallus, Linnaeus) with recent common 
ancestors. Evolution 63: 549-556
Junge C, Vøllestad L A, Barson NJ et al. (2011) Strong gene flow and 
lack of stable population structure in the face of rapid adaptation to 
local temperature in a spring-spawning salmonid, the European grayling 
(Thymallus thymallus). Heredity, 106, 460-71.
Koskinen MT, Haugen TO, Primmer CR (2002) Contemporary fisherian 
life-history evolution in small salmonid populations. Nature, 419, 826-830.
Mäkinen H, Papakostas S, Vollestad A, Leder E, Primmer CR (2015) Plastic 
and Evolutionary Gene Expression Responses Are Correlated in European 
Grayling (Thymallus thymallus) Subpopulations Adapted to Different 
Thermal Environments. Journal of Heredity (online early).
Papakostas S, Vøllestad LA, Bruneaux M et al. (2014) Gene pleiotropy 
constrains gene expression changes in fish adapted to different thermal 
conditions. Nature Communications, 5, 4071.
Craig Primmer, Academy Professor
Division of Genetics and Physiology
Department of Biology,
University of Turku, FINLAND
Room 7004, 7th floor, Pharmacity
Itäinen pitkäkatu 4, 20520 Turku
Office +358 2 333 5571
Mobile +358 40 1560 365

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Twitter: @FishConGen
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