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We are looking for 1 Postdoctoral Research Fellow to explore the role
of epigenetic modifications in the introgression between farm and wild
salmon. It has long been recognised that the introduction of Atlantic
salmon (Salmo salar L.) from captive populations in the wild,
through escapes from fish farms threaten the genetic integrity of
natural populations through genetic introgression. Although
domesticated salmon seem to have in general poor reproductive success,
farm mature parr can have higher rates of fertilisation success than
their wild counterparts, acting as vehicles of introgression, and in
fact gametes of farm salmon are functionally similar to those of wild
ones. Populations invaded by farm escapes show signs of significant
genetic change and interbreeding between farm and wild salmon result in
differences in the gene expression associated with environmental change
and immune response. Yet, the mechanisms regulating these changes
remain unknown. It has been recently documentation that sperm (but not
oocytes) epigenetic signatures are maintained in the in the embryos of
zebra fish, if this was conserved in other fish the consequences of
farm-wild introgression could be more profound that previously thought.
Epigenetics mechanisms explain how heritable (and potentially
reversible) changes in gene expression can contribute to phenotypic
diversity in populations through mechanisms that do not alter the
underlying genetic code. This opens the door to a new potential vehicle
of farm-wild interactions: epigenetic introgression that could further
compromise locally adapted salmon populations. This project will
provide data to clarify whether rearing in captivity can translate in
epigenetic changes in the sperm of A. salmon that can be maintained in
the embryo, representing a vehicle of introgression between farm and
wild populations.
The project is funded by BBSRC-NERC and the post is available for 12
months stating November 2015 (although there is certain flexibility in
the starting date) and based in Swansea University (Dr Sonia Consuegra,
Prof Carlos Garcia de Leaniz) in collaboration with the University of
Highlands and Islands (Prof Eric Verspoor, Dr Mark Coulson). At Swansea
the Fellow will join a dynamic group (3 postdocs, 7 PhD students)
working on a range of topics in Evolutionary Ecology including
epigenetic basis of fish domestication, genetic and epigenetic basis of
disease resistance under inbreeding, novel methods for detection of
invasive species and modelling of dispersal.
Application deadline is the 5^th of October and details on how to apply
can be found at:
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Informal enquiries can be directed to
Sonia Consuegra (
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Carlos Garcia de Leaniz (
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Dr. Sonia Consuegra
Dept Biosciences
College of Science
Swansea University
Singleton Park SA2 8PP
Tel. +44 (0) 1792 602931
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 Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript
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