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Úvodní stránka Aktuality Volná místa Leuven, Belgium: PhD, refugia of Antarctic fish
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PhD student in evolutionary biology at the University of Leuven,
Department of Biology, Laboratory of Biodiversity and Evolutionary

We are looking for a highly motivated scientific colleague to join a
multidisciplinary and challenging project.
Research topic
The Southern Ocean (SO) provides a natural laboratory for research on
evolution and biodiversity because of its long history and geographic
isolation. Confronted with fast-paced environmental changes, Antarctic
ecosystems/species/organisms are strongly challenged and face three
possible outcomes: adaptation, migration or extinction. Past glaciation
periods have forced marine organisms of the SO into refugia, being
either ice-free continental shelf areas, the deep sea or peri-Antarctic
regions, followed by recolonization when ice retreated. You will try to
understand how such past events have driven diversification and
adaptation in fishes and how these can be applied as proxies to
understand the contemporary situation and predict the future.
The Laboratory of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Genomics specialises in
research on the evolutionary biology of fishes and their parasites. In
a new collaborative research project the refugia of Antarctic fishes
will be studied.
Profile :
-  Master in (marine) Biology, Applied Biology or the
equivalent with excellent study results
-  Obligation to prepare a doctoral thesis within 4 years
-  Interest in fish biology and polar ecosystems
-  Ready to participate in long sampling campaigns under
extreme conditions
-  Experience or knowledge on genomics
-  You will apply for an IWT fellowship
(http://www.iwt.be/subsidies/sb) in September 2016
We offer excellent coaching in an inspiring research environment with
the most up to date research facilities.
Interested candidates are requested to submit their application
(motivation letter, address of three referees, summary of master
thesis and Curriculum Vitae) to the Arenberg Doctoral School
https://icts.kuleuven.be/apps/jobsite/domein/9028/9003 before 15
November 2015.
The doctoral research is associated with the BELSPO project vERSO, in
collaboration with prof. Filip Volckaert (KU Leuven) and dr. Anton Van
de Putte (RBINS). Funding is available for 1 year and following a
positive mid-term evaluation for 4 years. The lab is based is in the
historical university town of Leuven, Belgium (http://www.leuven.be).
Information: prof. Filip Volckaert, phone + 32 16 323972 or E-mail.

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 ; URL: bio.kuleuven.be/eeb/lbeg
Filip Volckaert <
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