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Úvodní stránka Aktuality Volná místa London, UK: PhD on bee foraging performance and colony fitness
London, UK: PhD on bee foraging performance and colony fitness PDF Tisk Email
PhD position advertised to research how bee foraging performance and
colony fitness are affected by stressors in fragmented rural
Supervisors: Dr Richard Gill (
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 ), Dr Samraat Pawar
(Life Sciences)

Location: Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Silwood
Park campus
Deadline: 18^th January 2016
Increased agricultural practices have resulted in the clearance and
fragmentation of many natural habitats posing potential challenges to
wildlife such as insect pollinators. For eusocial bees (e.g. honeybees
& bumblebees), who provide a crucial pollination service, increased
floral habitat patchiness may increase foraging demands making it
significantly more difficult to sustain the colony's energetic
requirements. It is thus important we consider how environmental
stressors set limits on bee foraging performance and how bees are able
to cope with such pressures.
For further details, how to apply and eligibility please go to:
But in brief, the studentship will investigate what specific
behavioural mechanisms are being affected by stress factors associated
with agricultural practices and the knock-on effects thus has to colony
functioning and fitness. The research project will provide the PhD
student with a number of benefits: i) it will integrate a number of
critical interdisciplinary skills including controlled experiments and
modelling; ii) it crosses a number of scientific fields such as
behavioural ecology, evolutionary and theoretical biology; iii) the
research is of high impact and will result in quality publications as
well as results that can inform end users and policy makers; and iv)
the student will join a productive, diverse and social research group.
Imperial College is a world leading university; Life Science dept. was
placed top of the UK universities for research intensity in the
Research Excellence Framework, and placed 6th best dept. in the world
in the Times Higher Education 2015. The student will be based at
Silwood Park which has an internationally renowned community of
researchers, excellent facilities for the project, and the GCEE
initiative has invested significantly into ensuring world leading
research addressing important global issues.
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