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Úvodní stránka Aktuality Volná místa Ploen: Postdoc in the field of genome analysis and bioinformatics
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A position for a postdoc in the field of genome analysis and
bioinformatics is available in the group of Diethard Tautz (Max-Planck
Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Department of Evolutionary Genetics,
Ploen, Germany). The postdoc will join the sub-group working on de
novo evolution of genes, funded by an ERC advanced grant. The insights
into de novo evolution of genes shapes currently into a new paradigm of
genome evolution (see Neme and Tautz 2014: CurrBiol 24:R38). 
 A large
genomic and transcriptomic dataset has been created for for a range of
species representing the evolutionary lineage towards the house mouse (Mus
musculus). Further population-level genome and transcriptome sequencing is
ongoing. These data provide an excellent basis for studying in molecular
detail the emergence of new genes from non-coding sequences. The postdoc
will be part of a team of PhD students and postdocs who work on all
aspects of de novo evolution, including functional testing in cell lines
and mouse knockouts. The postdoc will also have the chance to initiate
own experiments.
Qualification: PhD in genome data analysis, including programming and
statistics; experience in protein structure analysis and/or population
genetics would be of advantage.
Salary will be according to the TvoD 13-14 scale (depending on
experience), including social benefits and pension scheme. The position
is initially for two years, but can be extended.
The Max-Planck Institut for Evolutionary Biology in Ploen has developed
in the past years into a major center for basic research on evolutionary
topics, ranging from evolutionary genetics, evolutionary ecology,
experimental evolution to evolutionary theory. It runs together with
the nearby University of Kiel an international graduate program
(IMPRS in Evolutionary Biology) and a Master program in Molecular
Biology and Evolution. Scientists come from all over the world and the
working language is english. Ploen is a small village in a beautiful
postglacially shaped landscape with all the amenities of a touristically
active area. Two major cities (Kiel and Luebeck) as well as the Baltic Sea
are only 30-40min away, Hamburg is about 90min away (all well connected
by train).
Applications should include a CV and a publication list (including
papers in press or submitted), a statement of motivation, as well as
two names for obtaining letters of reference. Applications should be
sent by email with documents attached as pdf files to Diethard Tautz
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Prof. Dr. Diethard Tautz
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Evolutionsbiologie
Abteilung Evolutionsgenetik
August-Thienemannstrasse 2
24306 Ploen (Germany)
Tel.: 04522 763 390
Fax: 04522 763 281

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