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301 Norwich, UK: PhD, promiscuity in Seychelles warbler
302 Sussex, UK: Postdoc, behav ecol and genomics in bees
303 Bern, Switzerland: PhD, plant-pollinator interactions
304 Halle: PhD position in molecular evolution
305 Ploen: PhD student position - Immunogenomics
306 Seewiesen: master project, raven behaviour
307 Lyon, France/Toronto, CA: PhD, genomics in water bugs
308 Plön: Postdoc and PhD, evol of immunogenetic variability
309 Oxford, UK: Postdoc, evol genomics of animal domestication
310 York, UK: PhD, ant evolution
311 Swansea, UK: Two postdoc and PhD, epigenetics in fish
312 Paris, France: Postdoc, evolution of color patterns
313 Oldenburg: PhD in Auditory Neuroscience
314 Copenhagen, Denmark: PhD, ancient DNA, horses
315 Oslo, Norway: PhD, speciation genomics in sparrows
316 Ghent, Belgium: PhD, avian foodweb ecology
317 Sussex, UK: Postdoc, sexually antagonistic fitness
318 Trondheim, Norway: Postdoc, SNP genomics
319 Groningen: PhD in Marine Evolution and Conservation
320 Kastanienbaum, Switzerland: PhD in Fish Migration & Evolutionary Ecology
321 Basel, Switzerland: PhD to study the early phases of adaptive divergence in East African cichlid fis
322 South Africa: Research Assistant in Blood Glucose in African Striped Mice
323 Wales, UK: PhD Aquatic ecosystems integrating ecology
324 Leipzig: Postdoc on domestication effects on biting performance in rats
325 St Andrews, UK: PhD in theory of social adaptation
326 Zurich, Switzerland: Postdoc in Evolutionary Ecology & Genomics of Maternal Effects
327 Würzburg: PhD in Behavioral Neurosciences in honeybees
328 Berlin: PhD, host-parasite dynamics, insects
329 Lincoln, UK: research fellow in sensory biology
330 Aarhus, Denmark: two postdoc positions in ecology 2
331 Aarhus, Denmark: two postdoc positions in ecology
332 Bristol, UK: research assistant in palaeobiology
333 Koblenz-Landau: PhD position in ecology
334 Bielefeld: PhD in energetics of reproduction in Galapagos sea lions
335 Support of non-commercial studies in natural history
336 Lausanne, Switzerland: PhD on evolutionary ecology of reproductive modes in mayflies
337 Tübingen: PhD-positions in Systems Neuroscience
338 Seville, Spain: PhD in the Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics Group
339 Bochum: PhD position in marine molecular evolutionary biology
340 Antwerp (Wilrijk), Belgium: PhD student in Behavioural Ecology
341 Oslo, Norway: Postdoc on ancient DNA and evolutionary genomics of viking age plants and animals
342 Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biology
343 Paris, France: Postdoc in phylogeny and macroevolution of venomous organisms
344 Hohenheim] Research Assistant position - Genetics/Evolutionary Biology
345 Stockholm, Sweden: PhD student position in Animal Ecology
346 Berlin: PhD in host-parasite dynamics & pest control
347 Kiel: PhD / PostDoc Position - invasive species
348 London, UK: PhD in genetic basis of mate choice in bats
349 Bielefeld: PhD or PostDoc position - visual navigation in bumblebees
350 Cambridge, UK: Postdoc to study butterfly speciation
351 Grenoble, France: PhD position in bioinformatics/statistical genetics
352 Helsinki, Finland: Postdoc on birds and climate change
353 Stockholm, Sweden: Postdoc in Systematics and Evolution
354 Oldenburg: 15 PhD scholarships
355 Postdoctoral Fellowships€ in Biodiversity in Leipzig, Germany
356 Edinburgh, UK: Postdoc in host-pathogen evolutionary ecology
357 Rennes/Montpellier, France: 2x Postdoc
358 Göttingen Postdoc: Cognitive processes in nonhuman primates
359 Göttingen PhD: sexually transmitted disease in olive baboons
360 Göttingen , PhD: sociality, personality, stress in crested macaques
361 Göttingen: PhD. stress physiology in wild Assamese macaques
362 Stellenausschreibungen / PhD: redfronted lemurs
363 Jena: 5 PhD fellowships, molecular and chemical ecology
364 Dummerstorf/Rostock: PhD, farm animal welfare
365 Bergen, Norway: PhD, population biology of herring
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