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1 Hledá se přírodovědec na pozici botanik a zoolog
3 Paris, France: Postdoc positions in evolutionary ecology - phylogenetics
4 Aarhus, Denmark: Postdoc on Macroevolution of megafauna functional diversity in mammals
5 Berlin/Dübendorf: Postoc & 2 PhD in Genomics - host x parasite interactions in Daphnia
6 Joensuu, Finland: Postdoc position in hymenopteran phylogenomics and diversification
7 Vienna, Austria: Senior Researcher and Postdoc on epigenomic evolution of Drosophila sex chromosomes
8 Trondheim, Norway: PhD position in evolutionary ecology in house sparrows všechny hlavičky všechny p
9 Succulent Karoo Research Station, South Africa: Research manager at the striped mouse project
10 research manager at the striped mouse project in South Africa
11 PhD Studentship in Evolution/Evolutionary ecology
12 Lund, Sweden: Postdoc in Evolutionary Ecology
13 Tübingen, Germany: Postdoc in evolutionary genomics of behaviour in harvest mice
14 Regensburg, Germany: PhD in parallel evolution in slave-making ants
15 Milan, Italy: 8 PhD positions in evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology
16 PostDoc-Position in Neuroscience
17 Norwich, UK: Postdoc, Mechanisms of mammalian environmental adaption
18 Montpellier, France: PhD on convergence and dental simplification in ant-eating placentals
19 Inspektor oddělení ochrany přírody ČIŽP
20 Professor (W3) - Evolutionary Ecology of Animals
21 Master Projects in Behavioural Ecology - Parrots/Tenerife
22 PhD position: RNAi in pest control
23 Berlin: PhD & Postdoc position - urban ecology & modelling
24 PhD position in Regensburg: Economic behaviour in ants and flies
25 Hamburg: Curator Entomology / senior research assistant
26 Ploen: Postdoc in the field of genome analysis and bioinformatics
27 Hamburg: Research Associate:Zoosystematics & Evolution / Arachnology and Curator Entomology / senior
28 3 PhD Positions Social bonds and cognition of chimpanzees under natural and sanctuary conditiions
29 Post-doc: Social bonds and social cognition of chimpanzees under natural and sanctuary conditions
30 London, UK: PhD on bee foraging performance and colony fitness
31 Trondheim, Norway: PhD on telomere dynamics in House Sparrow
32 Konstanz: PhD, evo-devo of color patterns in cichlid fishes
34 Novotny Lab: 1 postdoctoral + 2 PhD positions
35 Postdoctoral Position(s) on RNA Modification and Quality control
36 Trondheim, Norway: PhD position in Fish Ecophysiology
37 ondon, UK: Research Associate in Statistical Phylogenetics
38 Vienna, Austria: PhD positions in Population Genetics
39 Vienna, Austria: PhD, symbiotic speciation
40 Manchester, UK: PhD, birds and urban noise
41 Potsdam: PhD Position in Behavioural Ecology STARTING JAN. 2016
42 Bern, Switzerland: PhD, plant-pollinator interactions
43 PhD position in evolutionary ecology of ants at the University of Florida
44 Connecticut: PhD and MSc. in Trophic or competitive interactions in tropical and temperate forests
45 Leuven, Belgium: PhD, refugia of Antarctic fish
46 Glasgow, UK: PhD, ecological genomics in fish
47 Basel, Switzerland: PhD position in ecology and evolutionary biology - cichlids
48 Konstanz/Radolfzell: PhD, avian-waterfowl-genomics
49 Trondheim, Norway: PhD position in Eco-Evolutionary Genomics
50 Regensburg: PhD Position in Insect Chemical Ecology
51 Turku, Finland: PhD, thermal adaptation in European grayling
52 South Africa: Field assistant, Vervet Monkey project
53 Swansea, UK: Postdoc, fish epigenetic introgression
54 Groningen, Netherlands: 3 Postdocs, 2 PhDs in theoretical biol, systems biol & experimental evol
55 Uppsala, Sweden: 1 PhD, 2 Postdocs at the Evolutionary Biology Centre
56 Bielefeld: Postdoc in Pinniped population genomics
57 Turku, Finland: Postdoc in molecular mechanisms of rapid thermal adaptation in a grayling
58 Wilhelmshaven: Postdoc in Avian Evolutionary Ecology
59 Wilhelmshaven: PhD in Geese Movement Ecology
60 Sheffield, UK: Postdoc in Theory of Evolutionary Computation and Population Genetics
61 Prague, Czech Republic: Postdoc in genomics of speciation in nightingales
62 Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoc in population/conservation genomics of wolves
63 Zurich, Switzerland / Arvidsjaur, Swedish Lapland: Field Assistant to study Jays
64 Bristol, UK: Teaching Assistant in Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Mammal diversity
65 PhD: The potential of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine
66 5 PhD & 4 Postdoc positions - Sociality and fecundity/longevity trade-off
67 Seewiesen: 3-4 field assistants (reproductive biology of the blue tit)
68 Bielefeld: PhD in natural history of inbreeding in a cooperative mammal
69 Paris, France: PhD on comparative genomics of extant and past populations of giraffes
70 Cork, Ireland: PhD in fish evolutionary ecology
71 Oeiras, Portugal: 2x Postdoc & 1x programmer in Evolutionary Dynamics lab
72 Lund, Sweden: 2 x PhD in Lepidoptera phylogenetics and evolution
73 PhD position - response to fungal infections in hibernating bats
74 Stockholm, Sweden: Postdoc in ethology
75 Greifswald: PhD in Vibrational Communication in Mantophasmatodea
76 Aarhus, Denmark: Postdoc in evolution and mechanisms of genetic recombination
77 Birmingham, UK: Postdoc in diversification patterns of fossil vertebrates
78 Liverpool, UK: Postdoc to study the genetic and ecological drivers of immunological variation
79 Lausanne, Switzerland: PhD in life-history and theoretical social evolution.
80 Montpellier, France: Postdoc in Phylogeography and Population Genetics
81 PhD position – Vibrational Communication in Mantophasmatodea
82 Helsinki, Finland: Postdoc in Evolutionary Genomics
83 Montpellier, France: PhD to identify genomic signatures of selection
84 Marseille, France: PhD in evolution of egg laying site choice in Drosophila
85 Stockholm, Sweden: PhD in Population Genetics
86 Antwerp, Belgium: Postdoc in evolutionary ecology, infectious disease and conservation
87 Turku, Finland: Postdoc: genetics of life-history traits in salmon
88 Wageningen, Netherlands: PhD in Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation Biocontrol
89 South Africa: Field assistants needed, striped mouse project
90 Gelnhausen: Postdoc in freshwater ecology
91 Bristol, UK: PhD, invertebrate biodiversity and ecosystem function
92 Bergen, Norway: One postdoc and two PhD positions, fish ecology
93 Barcelona, Spain: PhD, comparative genomics in mammals
94 České Budějovice, i2lResearch Ltd. : Projektový vedoucí
95 Goettingen: PhD, mollusc evol-devol biol
96 Cardiff/Lancaster, UK: PhD, otter as a sentinel for pharmaceuticals
97 Bern, Switzerland: Postdoc in in conservation biology/restoration ecology
98 Postdoc Position in Chemical Ecology
99 Paris, France: PhD, sex evolution
100 Muenster: Postdoc, comparative genomics/ageing in insects
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