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Paris, France: Postdoc positions in evolutionary ecology - phylogenetics

Aarhus, Denmark: Postdoc on Macroevolution of megafauna functional diversity in mammals

Berlin/Dübendorf: Postoc & 2 PhD in Genomics - host x parasite interactions in Daphnia

Joensuu, Finland: Postdoc position in hymenopteran phylogenomics and diversification

Vienna, Austria: Senior Researcher and Postdoc on epigenomic evolution of Drosophila sex chromosomes

Trondheim, Norway: PhD position in evolutionary ecology in house sparrows všechny hlavičky všechny p

Succulent Karoo Research Station, South Africa: Research manager at the striped mouse project

research manager at the striped mouse project in South Africa

PhD Studentship in Evolution/Evolutionary ecology

Lund, Sweden: Postdoc in Evolutionary Ecology

Tübingen, Germany: Postdoc in evolutionary genomics of behaviour in harvest mice

Regensburg, Germany: PhD in parallel evolution in slave-making ants

Milan, Italy: 8 PhD positions in evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology

PostDoc-Position in Neuroscience

Norwich, UK: Postdoc, Mechanisms of mammalian environmental adaption

Montpellier, France: PhD on convergence and dental simplification in ant-eating placentals

Inspektor oddělení ochrany přírody ČIŽP

Professor (W3) - Evolutionary Ecology of Animals

Master Projects in Behavioural Ecology - Parrots/Tenerife

PhD position: RNAi in pest control

Berlin: PhD & Postdoc position - urban ecology & modelling

PhD position in Regensburg: Economic behaviour in ants and flies

Hamburg: Curator Entomology / senior research assistant

Ploen: Postdoc in the field of genome analysis and bioinformatics

Hamburg: Research Associate:Zoosystematics & Evolution / Arachnology and Curator Entomology / senior

3 PhD Positions Social bonds and cognition of chimpanzees under natural and sanctuary conditiions

Post-doc: Social bonds and social cognition of chimpanzees under natural and sanctuary conditions

London, UK: PhD on bee foraging performance and colony fitness

Trondheim, Norway: PhD on telomere dynamics in House Sparrow

Konstanz: PhD, evo-devo of color patterns in cichlid fishes


Novotny Lab: 1 postdoctoral + 2 PhD positions

Postdoctoral Position(s) on RNA Modification and Quality control

Trondheim, Norway: PhD position in Fish Ecophysiology

ondon, UK: Research Associate in Statistical Phylogenetics

Vienna, Austria: PhD positions in Population Genetics

Vienna, Austria: PhD, symbiotic speciation

Manchester, UK: PhD, birds and urban noise

Potsdam: PhD Position in Behavioural Ecology STARTING JAN. 2016

Bern, Switzerland: PhD, plant-pollinator interactions

PhD position in evolutionary ecology of ants at the University of Florida

Connecticut: PhD and MSc. in Trophic or competitive interactions in tropical and temperate forests

Leuven, Belgium: PhD, refugia of Antarctic fish

Glasgow, UK: PhD, ecological genomics in fish

Basel, Switzerland: PhD position in ecology and evolutionary biology - cichlids

Konstanz/Radolfzell: PhD, avian-waterfowl-genomics

Trondheim, Norway: PhD position in Eco-Evolutionary Genomics

Regensburg: PhD Position in Insect Chemical Ecology

Turku, Finland: PhD, thermal adaptation in European grayling

South Africa: Field assistant, Vervet Monkey project

Swansea, UK: Postdoc, fish epigenetic introgression

Groningen, Netherlands: 3 Postdocs, 2 PhDs in theoretical biol, systems biol & experimental evol

Uppsala, Sweden: 1 PhD, 2 Postdocs at the Evolutionary Biology Centre

Bielefeld: Postdoc in Pinniped population genomics

Turku, Finland: Postdoc in molecular mechanisms of rapid thermal adaptation in a grayling

Wilhelmshaven: Postdoc in Avian Evolutionary Ecology

Wilhelmshaven: PhD in Geese Movement Ecology

Sheffield, UK: Postdoc in Theory of Evolutionary Computation and Population Genetics

Prague, Czech Republic: Postdoc in genomics of speciation in nightingales

Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoc in population/conservation genomics of wolves

Zurich, Switzerland / Arvidsjaur, Swedish Lapland: Field Assistant to study Jays

Bristol, UK: Teaching Assistant in Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Mammal diversity

PhD: The potential of mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine

5 PhD & 4 Postdoc positions - Sociality and fecundity/longevity trade-off

Seewiesen: 3-4 field assistants (reproductive biology of the blue tit)

Bielefeld: PhD in natural history of inbreeding in a cooperative mammal

Paris, France: PhD on comparative genomics of extant and past populations of giraffes

Cork, Ireland: PhD in fish evolutionary ecology

Oeiras, Portugal: 2x Postdoc & 1x programmer in Evolutionary Dynamics lab

Lund, Sweden: 2 x PhD in Lepidoptera phylogenetics and evolution

PhD position - response to fungal infections in hibernating bats

Stockholm, Sweden: Postdoc in ethology

Greifswald: PhD in Vibrational Communication in Mantophasmatodea

Aarhus, Denmark: Postdoc in evolution and mechanisms of genetic recombination

Birmingham, UK: Postdoc in diversification patterns of fossil vertebrates

Liverpool, UK: Postdoc to study the genetic and ecological drivers of immunological variation

Lausanne, Switzerland: PhD in life-history and theoretical social evolution.

Montpellier, France: Postdoc in Phylogeography and Population Genetics

PhD position – Vibrational Communication in Mantophasmatodea

Helsinki, Finland: Postdoc in Evolutionary Genomics

Montpellier, France: PhD to identify genomic signatures of selection

Marseille, France: PhD in evolution of egg laying site choice in Drosophila

Stockholm, Sweden: PhD in Population Genetics

Antwerp, Belgium: Postdoc in evolutionary ecology, infectious disease and conservation

Turku, Finland: Postdoc: genetics of life-history traits in salmon

Wageningen, Netherlands: PhD in Breeding Invertebrates for Next Generation Biocontrol

South Africa: Field assistants needed, striped mouse project

Gelnhausen: Postdoc in freshwater ecology

Bristol, UK: PhD, invertebrate biodiversity and ecosystem function

Bergen, Norway: One postdoc and two PhD positions, fish ecology

Barcelona, Spain: PhD, comparative genomics in mammals

České Budějovice, i2lResearch Ltd. : Projektový vedoucí

Goettingen: PhD, mollusc evol-devol biol

Cardiff/Lancaster, UK: PhD, otter as a sentinel for pharmaceuticals

Bern, Switzerland: Postdoc in in conservation biology/restoration ecology

Postdoc Position in Chemical Ecology

Paris, France: PhD, sex evolution

Muenster: Postdoc, comparative genomics/ageing in insects

Southampton, UK: MRes in wildlife conservation

Wuerzburg: Postdoc in animal ecology

La Rochelle, France: PhD, phylogenetics and phylogeography in seabirds

Plymouth, UK: PhD, evol of trade-offs in mating behaviour and physiology

Groningen, The Netherlands: MSc, behav. ecol, Seychelles warblers

Seewiesen: PhD, evol genetics, zebra finch

Birmensdorf, Switzerland: Postdoc, phylogenetic community analyses

Konstanz: Postdocs in molecular evol, comparative genomics and evo-devo

Cork, Ireland: Five research positions in evol behav ecol of birds

Stockholm, Sweden: PhD, insect advanced image analysis

Stockholm, Sweden: PhD, insect parallel sequencing

Stockholm, Sweden: PhDs: Gall wasp phylogeny

Stockholm, Sweden: Postdoc in Bayesian computation

Trondheim, Norway: Postdoc in wildlife ecology

Edinburgh, UK: Postdoc, telomere evolution

Seewiesen: Postdoc, neurophysiology of bird song

Wageningen, The Netherlands: PhD, agriculture by termites

Brunoy, France: PhD, epigenetics in lemurs

Groningen, The Netherlands: PhD in conservation ecology

Celle: PhD, selection effects in domestic fowl

Wageningen, The Netherlands: Two postdocs, preventing rhino poaching

Zurich, Switzerland: Postdoc or PhD, aging

Oslo, Norway: PhD, hybridisation in sparrows

Ostrava, Czech Republic: PhD position in human genomics and genetic anthropologyject

South Africa: Field assistant - Vervet Monkey project

Harpenden, UK: Molecular Entomologist/Ecologist

Bergen, Norway: PhD in behavioural ecology 2

Bergen, Norway: PhDs in behavioural ecology 1

Zurich, Switzerland: Postdoc, human life-histories

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: PhD, mite population biology

Postdoc Positions in marine visual ecology

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: PhD, gorilla health

Oslo, Norway: Postdoc and PhD position in Aquatic Ecology

Berlin: Five positions in river science

Berlin: PhD, stocking efficiency in sturgeon

Namur, Belgium: Postdoc, bioinformatics, rotifers

Bod, Norway: PhD, feed and nutrition of wolf fish

Giessen: PhD position 3: Evol of Pontocaspian biota

Giessen: PhD position 2: Evol of Pontocaspian biota

Giessen: PhD position 1: Evol of Pontocaspian biota

London, UK: Postdoc, evol genomics

Porto, Portugal: Two PhDs in biodiversity, genetics, evolution

Bern, Switzerland: PhD, plant-herbivore interactions

Vienna, Austria: PhD, ecol constraints of fish breeding systems

Vienna, Austria: six postdoctoral positions for young scientists

Goettingen: PhD, grazing ecology

Dummerstorf: PhD, phenotyping of animal welfare

Berlin: PhD, fish conservation

Cambridge, UK: postdoc position, parasite genomics

Bournemouth, UK: PhD, human biogeography

Bristol, UK: PhD, phylogenomics

Bergen, Norway: Two research positions in evol ecol

Leuven, Belgium: PhD, animal welfare

Aberdeen, UK: PhD, niche evolution in insects

Lund, Sweden: PhD, bird society

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: PhD, mite-plant interaction

Wageningen, The Netherlands: Two PhDs, biocontrol

Ploen/Kiel] several PhD positions & fellowships - IMPRS for Evolutionary Biology

Haifa, Israel: Postdoc and PhD, comput. genomics and phylogenetics

Cambridge, UK: Curator/Lecturer in Vertebrate Palaeontology

Stockholm, SE/ Helsinki, FI: Two postdoc pos. in Baltic Sea Research

Berlin: PhD, immunogenetic diversity during Pleistocene

Groningen, The Netherlands: Two PhDs und one postdoc position in ecol evol

Oslo, Norway: Postdoc, hybrid speciation in sparrows

Ostrava: PhD position in human genomics and genetic anthropology

Aberdeen, UK: Postdoc, avian extra-pair reproduction

Berlin: Two postdoc and two Phd positions, wildlife epidemiology

Vienna, Austria: Early Stage Researcher in arthropod systematics and evolution

Innsbruck, Austrian: PhD in evolutionary ecology of genome size

Bonn: PhD in Diptera systematics and evolution

Göttingen: Postdoc in Animal Ecology Group

London, UK: Research Associate in Evolutionary Genomics

Oulu, Finland: Postdoc in bioarcheological research

Nice, France: PhD in gene-environment interactions

London, UK: Excellence Fellowships in Evolution and Ecology

Zurich, Switzerland: PhD in Experimental Biodemography

Pracovník Přírodovědného oddělení Jihočeského muzea v Českých Budějovicích

Oldenburg: PhD in Evo-Devo of the Auditory System

Munich: Postdoc on links among evolutionary biology, neuronal dynamics and insight psychology

Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoc in molecular evolution

Paris, France: 2x Postdocs in functional morphology

ČSO: programátor PHP/SQL

Heidelberg: Postdoc in functional evolutionary genomics

Sevilla, Spain: 5x Postdoc at Biological Station on dfferent topics

Bern, Switzerland: 2x Postdoc in Biodiversity Sythesis

Oxford, UK: PhD on how butterfly embryos cope with environmental stress

Cambridge, UK: Research Associate in Behavioural Ecology

France: Junior research scientist: Adaptation of wild fish populations to climate change

Iceland: PhD on Population genomics of parallel evolution in Icelandic Arctic charr

Oxford, UK: 2x PhD

Cambridge, UK: Postdoc in evolutionary ecology

Vienna, Austria: 2 x Postdoc on experimental evolution in Drosophila

Postdoc position at Linköping University, Sweden, on the topic of animal personality

Stockholm: Postdoc in Evolutionary Genomics of Butterflies

Zurich, Switzerland: Postdoc in Evolutionary Genetics of Maternal Effects

Göttingen : PhD Position in Neurobiology

Münster: PostDoc - Evolutionary Biology

Stockholm, Sweden: Postdoc on the diversity of the flatworm group Macrostomorpha

Goettingen: PhD Position in Neurobiology

Butterflies and moths in Cameroon

Hamburg: PhD on information use in an unpredictable environment - a case study on wild zebra finches

Aarhus, Denmark: Associate Professor in evolutionary biology

Zurich, Switzerland: 2x PhD in social network dynamics

Moulis, France: Postdoc in the invasion process in a dragonfly species

Salford, UK: PhD: Coevolution of parasitic crustacean and fish host

Munich: Field assistant for field cricket project

Barcelona, Spain: Postdoc in evolutionary neurobiology

Helsinki, Finland: Postdoc in genomics and life-history evolution

Hull, UK: 3 x PhD at Evolutionary Biology Group

London, UK: PhD in anthropological genetics

Leeds, UK: 2 x PhD in ecological/evolutionary genomics

Cardiff, UK: Postdoc on fish biology, disease and bioinformatics

Stockholm, Sweden: Associate Professor in Terrestrial Vertebrate Ecology

Roscoff, France: Postdoc in evolutionary biology

Tuebingen: PhD scholarships, IMPRS

Lund, Sweden: Postdoc, mol ecol in lizards

Nykabing Mors, Denmark: Research Scientist, shellfish ecology

Lund, Sweden: Two postdoc scholarships in evol biol

Heidelberg: 6 PhD scholarships, evol novelty and adaptation

London, UK: PhD, evolution of tetrapods

Barcelona, Spain: Two postdoc positions, population genomics

London, UK: PhD, Theory of Gene Evolution

Glasgow, UK: PhD, ecol genomics in fish

Paris, France: Postdoc in evolutionary ecology

Munich: Experienced field assistants needed

Oxford, UK: PhD, evol of human behaviour

Swansea, UK: Postdoc, fish domestication

Bristol, UK: PhD, bivalves evolution

Liverpool, UK: Postdoc, insect evolution

Klosterneuburg, Austria: PhD, IST graduate school

London, UK: PhD studentships in evol and genomics

Tübingen: PhD, EVEREST

Liege, Belgium: Postdoc, bev and evol ecol in amphibian

Wilhelmshaven: PhD, bird migration

PhD Position in Bird Migration

Several PhD Positions - International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Organismal Biology

Frankfurt/Main: Postdoc, coordinator biodiversity

Barcelona, Spain: Four postdoc positions, chordate genomics

Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoc, genetic mechanisms of adaptation

Birmingham, UK: Two PhD, tetrapod diversification

Brest, France: MSc, marine molluscs and climate change

Seewiesen: Field trainees, breeding bird monitoring

Helsinki, Finland: Postdoc, genetics of phenotypic plasticity

Berne, Switzerland: One postdoc, two PhD, population genomics

Berne, Switzerland: Two postdoc positions, bird evol ecol

Darmstadt: PhD, insect ecology

Seewiesen: PhD, sexual selection in parrots

Norwich, UK: PhD, nest box breeding communities

Berne, Switzerland: PhD, plant-herbivore interactions

Lausanne, Switzerland: Postdoc and PhD, genomics in ants

Münster: Prof. of Molecular Evolutionary Biology

Groningen, The Netherlands: PhD, behav. physiol

Paris, France: 9 positions at the CNRS, modelling

Konstanz: Postdoc, collective behavior, MPI

Berlin: 15 PhD fellowships, parasite infections

Switzerland/Canada: Two postdoc positions, genetics of defensive symbioses

Sussex, UK: PhD, bee ecology and conservation

Aberdeen, UK: PhD, niche evolution

Exeter, UK: Postdoc, stress response in guppies

Lausanne, Switzerland: Postdoc, behav. ecol. in lizards

Cambridge, UK: PhD, evol of avian taste

Cardiff, UK: PhD, slug-weed interactions

Paris, France: Two postdoc positions, insect pheromones

Greifswald: 12 PhD positions, RESPONSE

PhD Position in Cattle Genomics at TUM

Paris, France: Postdoc, ecological networks

Uppsala, Sweden: PhD, primate diversity and evol

Geesthacht: Postdoc, coastal ecosystem modelling

Sheffield, UK: PhD, genomics of warbler

France/Brazil: MSc, PhD, Postdoc and Bioinf., clonality

Berlin: Postdoc, ecol-epidemiol modelling

Versoix, Switzerland: Postdoc, plankton ecology

Paris, France: Postdoc, ecosystem modelling

Koblenz-Landau: PhD, Entomologie, Weinbau

Zurich, Switzerland: PhD, behaviour of zooplankton

Sweden: Postdoc, micropollutants

Zurich, Switzerland: Acad. Fellow, Evolution in Action

Copenhagen, Denmark: Two PhD pos., host-pathogen interactions

Wageningen, The Netherlands: MSc, bird mate preference

Plön, MPI: Postdoc and PhD, genomics of migration

Odense, Denmark: Prof, animal bioacoustics

Konstanz/Seewiesen: PhD positions, IMPRS

Bremen: PhD, genetic incomp. and mate choice, parasitoid wasps

Aarhus, Denmark: 12 postdoc fellowships

Postdoc: Macroevolution of Terrestrial Vertebrates

Bonn: Curator for Mammalogy

Cambridge, UK: Internship, butterflies

Seewiesen, Germany: Master project: Ravens (Corvus Corax) Modify Their Signals

Geneva, Switzerland: PhD, human population genomics

Durham, UK: 3 PhD positions, mol ecol

Klosterneuburg, Austria: PhD in evol biol

Cardiff, UK: PhD, local adaptation in sheep

Bern, Switzerland: 3 PhD positions in behav ecol

Norwich, UK: Four PhD positions, bird behav ecol

Bordeaux, France: Postdoc in evolutionary ecology

Wuerzburg: PhD, animal movement, lynx

PhD - Lemur Ecology and Conservation

Bielefeld: PhD, personality and gene expression, zebra finch

Silkeborg, Denmark: PhD, freshwater fisheries and ecology

Liverpool, UK: Postdoc, mammalian behaviour

Norwich, UK: PhD, promiscuity in Seychelles warbler

Sussex, UK: Postdoc, behav ecol and genomics in bees

Bern, Switzerland: PhD, plant-pollinator interactions

Halle: PhD position in molecular evolution

Ploen: PhD student position - Immunogenomics

Seewiesen: master project, raven behaviour

Lyon, France/Toronto, CA: PhD, genomics in water bugs

Plön: Postdoc and PhD, evol of immunogenetic variability

Oxford, UK: Postdoc, evol genomics of animal domestication

York, UK: PhD, ant evolution

Swansea, UK: Two postdoc and PhD, epigenetics in fish

Paris, France: Postdoc, evolution of color patterns

Oldenburg: PhD in Auditory Neuroscience

Copenhagen, Denmark: PhD, ancient DNA, horses

Oslo, Norway: PhD, speciation genomics in sparrows

Ghent, Belgium: PhD, avian foodweb ecology

Sussex, UK: Postdoc, sexually antagonistic fitness

Trondheim, Norway: Postdoc, SNP genomics

Groningen: PhD in Marine Evolution and Conservation

Kastanienbaum, Switzerland: PhD in Fish Migration & Evolutionary Ecology

Basel, Switzerland: PhD to study the early phases of adaptive divergence in East African cichlid fis

South Africa: Research Assistant in Blood Glucose in African Striped Mice

Wales, UK: PhD Aquatic ecosystems integrating ecology

Leipzig: Postdoc on domestication effects on biting performance in rats

St Andrews, UK: PhD in theory of social adaptation

Zurich, Switzerland: Postdoc in Evolutionary Ecology & Genomics of Maternal Effects

Würzburg: PhD in Behavioral Neurosciences in honeybees

Berlin: PhD, host-parasite dynamics, insects

Lincoln, UK: research fellow in sensory biology

Aarhus, Denmark: two postdoc positions in ecology 2

Aarhus, Denmark: two postdoc positions in ecology

Bristol, UK: research assistant in palaeobiology

Koblenz-Landau: PhD position in ecology

Bielefeld: PhD in energetics of reproduction in Galapagos sea lions

Support of non-commercial studies in natural history

Lausanne, Switzerland: PhD on evolutionary ecology of reproductive modes in mayflies

Tübingen: PhD-positions in Systems Neuroscience

Seville, Spain: PhD in the Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics Group

Bochum: PhD position in marine molecular evolutionary biology

Antwerp (Wilrijk), Belgium: PhD student in Behavioural Ecology

Oslo, Norway: Postdoc on ancient DNA and evolutionary genomics of viking age plants and animals

Uppsala, Sweden: Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biology

Paris, France: Postdoc in phylogeny and macroevolution of venomous organisms

Hohenheim] Research Assistant position - Genetics/Evolutionary Biology

Stockholm, Sweden: PhD student position in Animal Ecology

Berlin: PhD in host-parasite dynamics & pest control

Kiel: PhD / PostDoc Position - invasive species

London, UK: PhD in genetic basis of mate choice in bats

Bielefeld: PhD or PostDoc position - visual navigation in bumblebees

Cambridge, UK: Postdoc to study butterfly speciation

Grenoble, France: PhD position in bioinformatics/statistical genetics

Helsinki, Finland: Postdoc on birds and climate change

Stockholm, Sweden: Postdoc in Systematics and Evolution

Oldenburg: 15 PhD scholarships

Postdoctoral Fellowships€ in Biodiversity in Leipzig, Germany

Edinburgh, UK: Postdoc in host-pathogen evolutionary ecology

Rennes/Montpellier, France: 2x Postdoc

Göttingen Postdoc: Cognitive processes in nonhuman primates

Göttingen: PhD. stress physiology in wild Assamese macaques

Göttingen PhD: sexually transmitted disease in olive baboons

Göttingen , PhD: sociality, personality, stress in crested macaques

Stellenausschreibungen / PhD: redfronted lemurs

Jena: 5 PhD fellowships, molecular and chemical ecology

Dummerstorf/Rostock: PhD, farm animal welfare

Bergen, Norway: PhD, population biology of herring



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